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24/10/19 08:13 UTC-4
Bitcoin is falling, hash is growing

While Bitcoin is plummeting, its hash hit a record high

Data from Blockchain.com confirmed that Bitcoin hash rate is 114 quintillion hashes per second (114 million tera hashes per second – TH/s). This is a record for the entire history of hashing the network despite the fact that the currency itself is rapidly falling by $500 every day.

24/10/19 05:41 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyTON launch date and investment agreed by Telegram

Telegram saved the investment and agreed on the release date of TON

The launch of the TON project was suspended after the US Securities Commission (SEC) accused Telegram of "illegally" holding an initial offering of Gram tokens (ICOs) of $1.7 billion. According to the report, the project investors approved the option not to take back the invested finances, but wait for the launch of the platform in April 2020.