Blockchain is a continuous, built according to certain rules, and sequential chain of blocks (linked list) containing information. Most often, copies of block chains are stored on many different computers independently of each other. Satoshi Nakamoto (the pseudonym of the person or group of people who developed the protocol of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency) proposed the concept of blockchain technology in 2008. It was first practically applied with the advent of Bitcoin in 2009. A key feature of blockchain technology is the decentralization of the system. Even though a database located on a single server can theoretically be hacked, none of these methods will work with the blockchain. The access to the blocks is transferred automatically according to the principle of digital signature – enter the code, confirm the transfer of rights, and the process is completed. Technically, such a transfer of blocks is completely safe. Due to its origin, it is referred to as cryptocurrency transactions, but the scope of the technology is noticeably wider. It can be, for example, online banking, online directories, and corporate login systems. Distributed data storage system is also of great interest to government organizations that share databases such as medical records, retirement benefits, etc.

11/12/19 06:21 UTC-4
A Japanese company collaborates with a blockchain platform

An energy company in Japan uses blockchain to improve performance

To create and track renewable energy certificates and trade in solar energy, Australia's Power Ledger leading blockchain company decided to expand its trials with Japan’s second-largest energy company, Kansai Electric Power Company. Information was posted on powerledger.io.

05/12/19 06:12 UTC-4
Praxxis creator releases xx network technical documentation

David Chaum introduced the private xx network platform

The creator of the e-Cash virtual currency and Praxxis developers have announced the release of technical documentation for the xx network platform. The documents include detailed information about the network and cryptocurrency, as reported in the press release.

04/12/19 09:47 UTC-4
ILCoin Blockchain solves the problem of network scalability

The ILCoin project broke the record by introducing 5 GB blocks

The ILCoin Blockchain project showed the successful launch of the RIFT protocol and the release of the 5Gb block – the most stable market block. The purpose of the protocol is to overcome the scalability of blockchain technology, as project representatives report on Twitter.

04/12/19 07:13 UTC-4
Users of the Ethereum blockchain resource in China were denied access

China has blocked the Ethereum blockchain resource

An authoritative source reviewing the Ethereum network became unavailable from IP addresses in China. The results were confirmed by the greatfire.org portal, which stores information about sites blocked in the country.