Blockchain is a continuous, built according to certain rules, and sequential chain of blocks (linked list) containing information. Most often, copies of block chains are stored on many different computers independently of each other. Satoshi Nakamoto (the pseudonym of the person or group of people who developed the protocol of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency) proposed the concept of blockchain technology in 2008. It was first practically applied with the advent of Bitcoin in 2009. A key feature of blockchain technology is the decentralization of the system. Even though a database located on a single server can theoretically be hacked, none of these methods will work with the blockchain. The access to the blocks is transferred automatically according to the principle of digital signature – enter the code, confirm the transfer of rights, and the process is completed. Technically, such a transfer of blocks is completely safe. Due to its origin, it is referred to as cryptocurrency transactions, but the scope of the technology is noticeably wider. It can be, for example, online banking, online directories, and corporate login systems. Distributed data storage system is also of great interest to government organizations that share databases such as medical records, retirement benefits, etc.

18/11/19 08:41 UTC-5
Visa blockchain fintech data exchange system

Visa is developing a fintech data exchange blockchain system

The Visa research and development department – R&D – presented an article that describes the development of a new blockchain system for data transfer – LucidiTEE. The system should be a solution to the problem of illegal use of personal data of users.

12/11/19 04:24 UTC-5
ExchangesBithumb Coin will appear on the Bithumb exchange blockchain

Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange launches a token

Bithumb Coin (BT) will be used on the blockchain of the Bithumb Chain exchange to pay commissions and vote in the community. Representatives of the platform say on Twitter that they will release 300 million BT.

11/11/19 08:18 UTC-5
Andreessen Horowitz opens a school for those who want to learn blockchain

Andreessen Horowitz invites crypto-startupers to classes

Fans of cryptocurrencies and blockchain are motivated to get knowledge at the school, which is launched in February 2020 by the Andreessen Horowitz venture firm. Training is provided free of charge, according to company representatives on the site.

11/11/19 04:34 UTC-5
SBI Holdings creates a blockchain alliance

Japanese group of SBI Holdings companies creates a blockchain alliance

SBI Holdings has announced a merger of capital and the creation of a business alliance with a regional bank, Fukushima Banks, to increase activity in the framework of information technology. The alliance aims to increase the profitability of regional financial institutions through direct investment.

08/11/19 04:26 UTC-5
OtherBlockchain optimizes hotel room bookings

Book hotels using the blockchain

Webjet travel company announced to users of services the launch of a blockchain platform. The team plans to correct shortcomings when booking hotel rooms, according to representatives of the travel agent in an official press release.