A list of popular cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin coin is a new kind of decentralized digital currency. A coin was created and operated only on the Internet. No one controls the system. Currency emission occurs through the work of millions of computers around the world using a program for calculating mathematical algorithms.

Bitcoin makes payment on the Internet system, as well as the dollar, euro, hryvnia or ruble and is traded on stock exchanges. The most important difference between Bitcoin and all other forms of currencies is decentralization. No institution controls Bitcoin. In terms of independence, this is a plus. But in many this situation causes distrust.

Advantages: decentralization, anonymity, minimum fees, no limits and other restrictions, money transfers at any time (24/7), instant transactions, security.

Satoshi Nakamoto became the creator of Bitcoin in 2009. Satoshi invented Bitcoin digital coins as an online platform based on mathematical calculations. The essence of the idea was to independently launch a means of exchange, which can be sent electronically in a secure way.


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Ethereum (ETH)

Today it is one of the most authoritative digital currencies in the world, most certainly, Ethereum. And as early as the middle of 2015, at the very beginning of his way, Ethereum was attempt for improvement of algorithm Bitcoin for more de-luxe use of the currency in financial domain.

And though Ethereum and Bitcoin they are to a large extent similar, between them there is a diversity of differences. As opposed to Bitcoin, Ethereum is applied not only as monetary unit, but also enables to create and to control annexes based on Blokc Chain with smart-contracts use.

Occurrence Ethereum promoted activity of the whole cryptocurrency  market and development of promising ICO, using clever contracts for automatic receipt of tokens after entering of the Ethereum to wallets specified beforehand. Production Ethereum is implemented by the miners on the basis of modern protocol called Proof-of-Work, which as acknowledgement of transactions uses a computational capacity of Blokc Chain network. In such a manner, incentives as Ethereum is received by the miner who found block signature, thereby guaranteeing work of the system. Many experts name Ethereum the most elastic currency in digital world. They make understood it that, using Ethereum it is possible to carry out all those taskss, as at work with other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litcoin, Dasn and Ripple.


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First, Ripple (XRP) has several fundamental differences from the classical cryptocurrency, so it is focused on simplifying operations with the exchange of monetary units. Ripple is hosted on a public database, using a matching procedure like Blockchain technology.

The official launch of the platform took place in 2012, although before that there was already a money transfer service via the Internet under the Ripplepay brand. The developers of Ripple emphasized the decentralization of the network and the improvement of the security of cash payments due to distributed registries.

Immediately after its release, Ripple received positive reviews from the foreign exchange market experts, which allowed this monetary unit to increase its capitalization and become one level with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today, the Ripple system is used by American Express to make cash payments between customers from the US and the UK.

Public source code Ripple allowed many financial institutions to create the infrastructure necessary to perform currency transactions. The new technology process makes it possible to integrate the Ripple algorithm into banking data processing systems. At this stage in the development of electronic payments involving Ripple, two responsible participants are required to confirm the transactions and liquidity of the transferred asset. In the beginning of its development, payments through the Ripple system allowed to conduct transactions exclusively on trusting relationships, but over time additional opportunities appeared to adjust the balance of payments.


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Tether (USDT)

A distinctive feature of the cryptocurrency called Tether is its direct binding to the classic monetary units. In reality, this looks rather interesting, because in the same network, Teaser is converted with one-to-one fiat currencies. As a result, users own coins that have their own markers.

For example, the transfer of the cryptocurrency into dollars is positioned with the symbol USD ₮, and in EUR, respectively, EUR ₮. The sale of its own payment unit, followed by an audit of reserve accumulations, enables the platform to guarantee investors a certain level of reliability and security of their assets.

The purpose of Tether will be the implementation of payments and the exchange of cryptocurrency, through the Blockchain technology. The fixed value of monetary units and ease of conversion reduces the costs associated with the commission when working with conventional banking products.

All transactions with coins are managed by Tether Limited, which acts as a regulator of transactions using a chain of blocks. In this case, the Omni data processing protocol and the wallet of the same name are used, serving as a store of user tokens. Using this virtual purse, you can carry out any money transactions, while still being confident in the security of transactions.


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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

It is easy to guess what this cryptocurrency was thinking as virtual money for the convenience of making safe payments. Created not so long ago, Bitcoin Cash uses Blockchain technology.

But, unlike the well-known Bitcoin, which is limited in block scaling, Bitcoin Cash initially received 8 MB, thereby allowing it to handle more transactions.

In the distant 2010 the block size in Bitcoin's code was only 1 MB, which significantly limited the potential of this currency. This restriction was primarily due to the need to prevent spam attacks on the network. Over time, the average block size increased, and it took much longer to complete the transactions than before. As a result, the developers decided to clone Bitcoin and obtain a more perfect currency under the name Bitcoin Cash.

The investors perceived the appearance of the "Bitcoin Cash" on the market very positively, because of the amount of capital raising Bitcoin Cash retains the 4th place after Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.


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Litecoin (LTC)

Total of electronic currency grows every day and already long ago exceeded number of officially recognised international monetary units. As we know, the first, so and the most authoritative virtual currency it is Bitcoin.

As opposed to Bitcoin, one block is generated each two with a half of the minute, instead of ten minutes, as it takes place in Bitcoin Blockchain. The blocks chain is verified any of the miners with the aid of special software supporting software of all users of the network. Due to open code, fraud at execution of money operations is excluded.

According to the latest data in the first quarter of 2018 Litecoin falls confidently in ТОР-10 of cryptocurrencies on the level of the capital engagement and aspires to become alternative to the most known and popular platform called Bitcoin. As well as many contemporaries, Litecoin functions, as system online payments. Litecoin inside currency is used for transactions instead of traditional monetary resources.


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Before giving an accurate definition of the new platform, it is necessary to understand that the system, called EOS, uses Blockchain technology, which, thanks to its computing capabilities, combines the main advantages of currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The goal set by the EOS developers was achieved through the introduction of the scalability of the unit and the use of smart- contract technology. The creation of EOS greatly simplified the creation of decentralized applications (dapps), so there was the possibility of daily use of the blockchain system as a financial tool.

The main advantage of the EOS platform lies in the convenience and accessibility for ordinary developers who work in the Blockchain chain. Due to simple scalability, the number of network transactions increases to thousands per second, which provides a number of services associated with digital data transmission technologies. The most interesting offers are authentication, cloud hosting and data storage on the server. Scaling of the block in EOS is necessary for constant control over transactions, especially this is true when confirming operations with the cryptocurrency.


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Binance Coin (BNB)

Virtual currency called Binance Coin was formed on the platform of world's largest cryptocurrency stock exchange with daily allowances by turn-over more than 6 billion dollars. Since its launch, Binance turned to huge infrastructure which totals millions of users from different planet nooks. In total for six months BNB cryptocoin was able to increase its capitalization up to 1st billion dollars and to enter the 30 most known virtual currencies on the market.

To understand, at the expense of what such turbulent growth of new platform became possible, it is necessary to know, as this system is arranged and what advantages offers Binance at cryptocurrency exchange. The key advantage of work of the Binance is qualitative software which supplies a quick information processing of sale and currency purchase. Monitoring proposals and expectation of price to particular cryptocurrency, Binance finds conformity and leads a necessary transaction. Respectively, distinction between proposal and demand is transformed in the wages of the owners of this network.

On the Binance platform is realised powerful shell, potential of which exceeds one million transactions per second. Such traffic capacity did not remain of unnoticed large investors to cryptocurrency, and they continue to use Binance as stock exchange on exchange of digital currencies.


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Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) is a payment system that was established on November 15, 2018, after the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency has support from entrepreneur Craig Wright and multi-billionaire Kelvin Eyre.

Within the Bitcoin Cash protocol almost completely repeats Bitcoin: SHA-256 hashing algorithm; the maximum issue volume is 21 million coins, the same block time and the same reward system. However, it has two key differences. On August 1, Bitcoin had a block size of 1 MB, while BCH offered 8 MB blocks.

The new project is called "Satoshi Vision" or SV. Bitcoin SV, commissioned by leading CoinGeek mining company and other miners, Bitcoin SV code is licensed under the MIT open source license.


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Stellar (XLM)

In simple words, Stellar Lumens is nothing more than a distributed payment infrastructure with a public primary code. In search of software solutions for the global financial system, developers are increasingly looking at the Blockchain technology.

A decentralized network called Stellar Lumens (or simply Stellar) is designed to perform fast and secure transactions using a protocol like Ripple.

Unlike the more popular platform called Ripple, which focuses on banking systems, Stellar meets the needs of legal entities and individuals performing transactions among themselves without intermediaries. In real life, the Stellar infrastructure operates as a PayPal payment system, only much faster and without commission fees. Using Stellar for currency conversion, your funds are accumulated in the network block, and when the transaction is confirmed, the transfer operation is successfully completed. This scheme of work significantly speeds up financial transactions, what many Internet users are already interested in.


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Cardano (ADA)

The investment program, called Cardano, manages processes that represent the digital shell for working with smart contracts. Something similar is offered by the Ethereum infrastructure, but Cardano has a higher level of security, thanks to its multi-level architecture.

The developers of Cardano tried to find compromise solutions between questions of confidentiality and decentralization of the network when working with Blockchain technology.

A distinctive feature of Cardano is the use of the Haskell language for the release of applications based on Blochain. The goals pursued by Cardano exclude a complete reorganization of the financial system, at the same time, the platform is aimed at working in third world countries where the development of the banking infrastructure is unreasonably expensive.

The Cardano network performs tasks in two levels, divided among themselves by a virtual register – this makes it possible to make the platform more flexible and convenient for holding contracts. The so-called calculating step of Cardano (CSL) is the basic principle of the platform. It, in fact, performs accounting calculations and transactions based on the Blockchain confirmation protocol. In addition, CSL applies consensus in the transaction algorithm.


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In the modern world, the concept of "cryptocurrency" has more than one practical and theoretical etymology, its perception has grown to unprecedented proportions. Today you can find cryptographic assets of various forms and principles of work.

One of the popular crypto-coins of our time is Tronix. This coin over the past few years has won respect in many traders and has become in demand at world exchange trades.

In this article, let's talk about what Tronix (-Pover and -20) is, what functional it has, where and by whom it was developed, what level of capitalization of this currency, and consider the main characteristics of this crypto-coin.

Included in the TOP-20 in terms of capitalization level, Tronix (TRX) is formally considered to be the payment unit of the decentralized ecosystem of the TRON system. This cryptocurrency was created on September 2, 2017 by a non-profit association from China – TRON Foundation (Singapore) to conduct barter transactions with gaming content using the network Blockchain technology. The main activity of this fund is the improvement of existing entertainment industries without the participation of such Internet dealers as the Apple Store and its main competitor Google Play Store.


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Monero (XMR)

The launch of the project called MONERO (XMR) took place in early 2014, when one of the most topical areas on the cryptocurrency market was the resolution of issues related to the security and confidentiality of digital money transfers and payments. Built on the Cryptonote protocol, the new platform guaranteed absolute anonymity of all transactions that were conducted between users of the Blockchain network.

Before describing the technology by which MONERO works, we note that the total amount of XMR currency is 18.4 million monetary units. In the system on a permanent basis, 0.3 coins will be poured in to maintain balance due to the inevitable loss of tokens during the year. When using MONERO apply ring signatures, which means complete anonymity of transfers from one wallet to another. Transactions are confirmed by several subscribers, and it is not possible to determine who is carrying out the transfer. You can access the cryptocurrency in your wallet based on the key generated earlier.

As is known, one of the disadvantages of Bitcoin is the lack of the ability to change the algorithm of work and introduce new functions. And to make at least some innovations you need to completely update the platform. That's why the MONERO developers have tried to make the system more flexible and remove stringent limitations in the frequency of release of blocks. In its essence, MONERO is built by analogy with the first cryptocurrency implemented on the CryptoNote protocol, which is known as Bitcoin.


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Tezos (XTZ)

Blockchain technology today is at the peak of its popularity. It began to be used in a wide variety of human digital activities. However, until now, the most famous variant of its application are cryptocurrency financial assets and blockchain system based on smart-contracts for information storage and financial transactions or ICO.

The most successful and in demand in our "digital" time are considered to be blockchain-platforms with their own types of cryptographic coins and a high level of protection.

The Tezos platform was founded back in 2014, thanks to the collaboration of the Breitling family of business programmers and the Swiss company Tezos Fondation. Unfortunately, due to a number of problems from the legislation, it was only three years later that the plan was realized.

For today, Tezos is considered to be one of the most effective cryptocurrency blockchain platform in the world. Tezos operates on the basis of smart- contracts, and is rightfully considered the main competitor of the Ethereum. Some experts in the crypto sphere even nicknamed the Tezos crypto-platform – "death of the Ethereum". The founders of the Tezos platform call themselves "a new digital community."


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Chainlink (LINK)


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Huobi Token (HT)


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Cosmos (ATOM)


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In translation from the Greek language, NEO means young, new. The use of such a name can be associated with the beginning of the modern era in the financial sector. The primary goal of NEO project managers was to create a digital model in the economy, which was given an informal name "Chinese Ethereum".

The smart economy is built on clever contracts, where it is quite common to use digital signatures as a reliable transaction confirmation mechanism. NEO smart- contracts are designed to regulate the business relationship between two or more parties. Thus, smart- contracts are a kind of legal protection in the digital economy, and a digital signature comes in the place of a ballpoint pen and a sheet of paper.

The NEO system includes such functions and services as NeoX, NeoContract, NeoFS, NeoQ. All these mechanisms create an original ecosystem that operates on the basis of Blochain. NEO positions itself as a cloud service with the architecture of distributed networks. Blockchain technology supports new applications and can be integrated with classic business projects.


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Not so long ago in the digital world appeared a promising technology based on cryptography, the purpose of which is to facilitate the transaction between two computers connected to the Internet. It is thanks to a wide range of possibilities that a new platform called IOTA was able to quickly take the leading positions in the cryptocurrency market.

The IOTA abbreviation can be unraveled as Internet of Things Application.

Using the capabilities of blockchain, IOTA developers were able to solve the difficulties with scalability and using the chain of confirmations when creating blocks. Unlike classical cryptocurrency, IOTA works without the use of a central register. To control currency exchange in the IOTA, you just need to check the two previous operations. Consideration of transactions takes place at random, creating a consensus, called the DAG (Directional Acyclic Chart), but in the IOTA module it is known as Tangle.

Due to the constant growth of the community size, the computational power of Tangle increases, which ensures fast and, most importantly, free transactions. This technology is ideal for micro-payments and the development of the micro-economy as a whole.


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Maker (MKR)

At the end of 2017, the developers of the Maker Network presented their version of the analogue of the Tether platform, where you can use the cryptocurrency on the Ethereum block chain to work with smart contracts. The Maker shell offers to take advantage of all the advantages of a decentralized platform for payments, savings and investments in cryptocurrency.

The Maker infrastructure uses a dual payment system consisting of Makercoin (MKR) and Dai coins. Most often, Dai tokens are compared to Tether, because both these coins are pegged to the dollar and are nothing more than collateral assets. At the same time, Dai, unlike Tether, is supported by anonymous smart- contracts based on Ethereum.

At its core, Tether can not be defined as a 100% decentralized network, because Tether Limited manages the project. In turn, the Dai cryptocurrency can be eliminated only by individual users. Using Dai allows you to mitigate the volatility of fiat money, thereby weakening the risks associated with sharp fluctuations in the value of the cryptocurrency. Another positive point in the work of Dai is the elimination of intermediaries in making payments. Also in the work on the platform, large corporations are interested, who want to lower the level of corruption and simplify the work of accounting.


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Dash (DASH)

Creation of Dash cryptocurrency is closely connected with the desire of the developers to solve the main problems that exist in the Bitcoin network – achieving full confidentiality of payments, managing the Blockchain network and increasing the transaction speed.

Since its debut in 2014, Dash has been able to rise to the top 10 of the world's cryptocurrency level, thanks to the introduction of a number of enhancements to platforms such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. The basis of Dash is the digital currency, allowing transactions on the innovative two-tier structure of the Blockchain.

Processing of transactions and the mixing of foreign exchange assets is due to the capacity of the servers. Also, it is worth noting that the speed of creating the block is 2.5 minutes. In this case, the own X11 hashing algorithm requires a re-operation.

To date, there is an InstantSend option in the Dash chain, which allows instant transfers of currency units through network files. In this case, the built-in function of mixing the PrivateSend coins promotes the anonymity of operations between network users.


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Ethereum Classic (ETC)

After the unpleasant events connected with the problems that arose when the virtual token with the DAO was stolen, which in fact was nothing more than a venture fund with a decentralized management, a new cryptocurrency called Ethereum Classic appeared. As the name implies, the Classic prefix means that some of the investors of this platform did not support the idea of ​​the network's hard-core and saved the old algorithm of Blockchain's work.

Just like in the updated Ethereum, the new system allows you to safely conduct transactions, create decentralized applications and enter into smart- contracts. The size of the blocks and the software of the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic platforms completely coincided, but after the loss of 3.6 million Ethers, the chief ideologist of Ethereum decided to roll back the system until the moment when the token was stolen. After a successful hardfork, the monetary units managed to return to investors and pay off the negative sentiments of the crypto community. Since then, part of the society has continued the extraction and support of Ethereum Classic, which meant the emergence of a new cryptocurrency.

The use of smart- contracts by appointment became possible only with the advent of decentralized platforms, although in itself this type of contract was invented in 1994. Built on the Blockchain, smart-contracts allow getting rid of intermediaries, especially this option is relevant in the financial sphere. Ethereum Classic laid the idea of ​​creating a world-wide decentralized system that can carry out transactions at high speed.


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Ontology (ONT)

The platform called Ontology went to virtual cryptomarket in 2017 and immediately attracted the attention of investors. The fact is that, thanks to its functional capabilities, this network allows many companies to organize their work on the blockchain technical process. The founder of Ontology was the Chinese company Onchain, which specializes in the implementation of blockchain in the real sector of the economy.

The centralized networks on which most companies build their work have a number of shortcomings, including weak protection of anonymity and corrupt management of the system and inefficient coordination of issues. The decentralized Ontology shell easily solves these problems and ensures reliable operation of the corporate structure of enterprises. Thanks to simple and understandable mechanisms for reconciliation, confirmation of operations and information management, Ontology adapts to any business needs.

In a simple language, Ontology is a chain of blocks or a distributed ledger that automatically identifies data in a peer-to-peer model of coordinates. From the very beginning of Ontology's development, it was constantly compared to a platform called NEO, but it turns out that these are just partners who perform slightly different tasks. Thus, NEO is funded by a community of participants and is intended for ordinary users, and Ontology is a site for legal entities.


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VeChain (VET)

The blockchain technology has become more and more perfect in recent years. It is actively used in a variety of industries, but still the most popular application of the blockchain system is cryptographic coins. Today we can speak separately about cryptocurrencies (the main principle of which is the blockchain system), and about separately functioning blockchain cryptosystems that conduct calculations inside the system by cryptocurrency units.

For today, the VeChain blockchain platform has begun to gain popularity, which has its own unit of account for the VEN cryptographic coin. Speaking about the principles of VEN (VeChain) operation, we can say the following: the platform and the cryptocurrency function in the blockchain system, the main feature is the processing and implementation of information on the platform thanks to the system of smart -contracts and the VEN internal crypto-coin.

VEN (VeChain) remotely resembles the already existing blockchain system (the-core) of Ethereum, but the main difference is the absence of a publicly available protocol standard on which other types of cryptographic coins can be made. All financial and information manipulations are carried out by fitting data into the PoS protocol. By the way, the whole VEN (VeChain) system was initially implemented, and it works till now, according to the ERC20 protocol, that is, on the Ether core, while being its "ideological counterpart" from the somewhat modified functionality of the actions.


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Crypto.com Coin (CRO)


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New Economy Movement (in simple words NEM) was formed in the virtual currency market as a modern shell for closed regulation of the economy, built on the principles of Blockchain. On the NEM platform, there is already a progressive management system called Smart Asset, which solves issues related to tuning the work of blockchain. Also, it allows you to use various applications, including as a gateway when conducting transactions on the network.

The application programming interface is very convenient for network developers, because they can directly create applications with block communication, using the built-in API NEM function. Also, important is the fact that the use of the NEM network in offline mode is not excluded. On addresses of network users can be not only coins, but also various kinds of assets, including applications. At any time, information from the address is transferred to the block, where the importance of this content is determined. Thanks to the Blockchain algorithm, which requires consensus, network users get a decentralized platform with quickly managed nodes.

The work connected with the launch of the network protection mechanism and the consolidation of monetary units is connected by one software application, thereby stimulating users and increasing decentralization. Nevertheless, in Bitcoin network the situation is more pragmatic, so the analysis of the work on creating blocks and launching nodes are managed separately from each other. As a result, many analysts express the opinion that the PoI system has prospects and is a good alternative to the usual methods of confirming transactions.


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HedgeTrade (HEDG)

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