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The prevalence of cryptographic digital money, as well as the abundance of their varieties, have a pronounced progression of growth (especially over the past two years). This concept of constant growth opens unprecedented opportunities for earnings to traders and miners. Especially if you take into account the financial parabolic volatility of the course. Moreover, unlike usual exchanges, the cryptocurrency course can go up to 20% in one day.

Among the thousands acting for today, cryptocurrency exchanges, we can identify several of the largest, most reliable, and with a record amount of working capital. One of the first places in the TOP list of world exchanges was occupied by BITTREX.

In this article, let's talk about: what features of the exchange, why so many traders prefer to work on this trading platform, what currency pairs it is better to implement on BITTREX.

BITTREX is the world-famous American cryptocurrency exchange, which was created in early 2015. The project of the trading platform was prepared almost a year (from the beginning of 2014). Initially, BITTREX was planned as a regular online-exchanger for cryptocurrency coins, but eventually the creators and developers decided to make a full-fledged trading exchange. As thousands of users showed, they were not mistaken. BITTREX has one of the highest rates of daily financial turnover - an average of about 291 million dollars for 24 hours.

In the winter of 2015, BITTREX began to function fully, and immediately announced itself to the financial world by exhibiting a large number of pairs for exchange and equipping the platform with a large number of tools, graphs (Japanese Candles, Order book, BAR, etc.).


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The cryptocurrency market is experiencing an unprecedented rise today. As a consequence, this caused a great demand for the purchase and sale of digital coins. And since, cryptocurrencies are a virtual payment unit, then it can be realized only in the virtual Internet space. For the purchase and sale of crypto-financial assets, special online exchangers and exchanges are designed. More profitable are stock exchange trading platforms, because here you can trade (play a change in course, volatility, currency).

Among the most reliable and time-tested exchanges, an important place is occupied by the popular trading platform called Poloniex. Over the past two years, it is one of the top five, according to world ratings, the volume of daily trading, as well as the abundance of currency pairs for exchange.

In this article, let's talk about: what is the Poloniex exchange, how it works and what are the main principles for the exchange of cryptocurrency funds at this platform.

Poloniex is an online exchange platform for the implementation of cryptocurrency assets. The country in which Poloniex is located is the United States of America. Therefore, the interface site of the exchange in English, Russian-language adapted versions are missing. But since the internal navigation of the stock exchange site is very skillfully set up, it can be used even with the help of a regular translator. Of course, you can activate the built-in translator ("translate page"), but the results are unlikely to please and can be confusing.


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If you believe the statistics, the development of the cryptocurrency market has increased several tens times only in the last two years. Today, virtual coins have become not only a financial unit, but also a peculiar element of popular culture. Along with virtual money, a period of active development and online exchanges for their implementation began: the concept of trading "migrated" from stock markets of securities to the Internet space.

At the moment, the number of existing cryptocurrency exchanges can be measured in thousands. Although, among such a variety of "newborn" sites for bidding, fraud businesses are often found, or exchanges with weak protection, which can be robbed by hackers.

Most traders with experience prefer time-tested crypto-exchanges: it's safer, and the number of other active traders to work with orders is much larger. Among TOP exchanges for the implementation of cryptocurrency EXMO can be found.

In this article, let's talk about: what is the EXMO online exchange, why it became popular, what are the features of working with the exchange and registration on it.

As you know, the domain name of was first registered in the middle of 2003, but the following ten years the activity was not observed. Only in the winter of 2013 the stock market started to function fully in the market of cryptocoins, and in a fairly short period reached a decent level.


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Crypto-coins are today at the crest of global demand and fame. This is not strange at all, because the blockchain technology itself has become very popular among the population, especially if you can still make money on this. Talk about the rise and fall of Bitcoin, the implementation of crypto-coins on stock exchanges, the rapid earnings of crypto-currency traders – are increasingly encountered. And, if people used to be interested in mining coins, today trading has become much more popular.

Among the thousand-fold variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, there are a small number of old-timers who took possession of the overwhelming audience of traders. In the top of the largest and most popular platforms of our time is the YoBit stock market.

In this article we will talk about: what is YObit, how to register correctly on it, what are the advantages and disadvantages, what interface and what principles of implementing crypto-coins (wallet).

Youbit Exchange has been already 4 years in the cryptocurrency market (it started active work since the spring of 2014). During this short period, it managed to establish itself as the most "adventurous" exchange in the world. Among traders, you can find very ambiguous impressions about this trading platform, because Yobit has a lot of pros, but there are a lot of cons.


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The crypto-currency market over the past two years is experiencing an unprecedented recovery. Many modern traders have long moved from stock exchange sites to online counterparts. Moreover, the crypto-exchange rate, unlike the stock exchange, can grow to 20% in just one day. This is incredibly profitable, especially in comparison with the securities market, where such a paradigm of volatility is not found even in two years.

Among the most popular exchanges in the territory of the CIS countries, LiveCoin often meets. In this article, let's talk about: what is LiveCoin, how to work with this exchange and how to create an account on the website.

LiveCoin is a crypto-exchange marketplace, which for the past year has entered the TOP-40 of the most popular and reliable exchanges in the world. The LiveCoin platform is mostly used by crypto-traders of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Although the site offers its users a whole eight interface languages.

The platform began its work in 2014, but the first transaction was made only in 2015. Until then, the exchange was tested and conducted a focus group of users to develop the most convenient version of the interface. Of course, it turned out – the LiveCoin website is accessible for understanding even on an intuitive level.


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The crypto-monetary market is today at the peak of its popularity. In today's world, it's hardly possible to meet a person who has not heard about Bitcoin and other altcoins, or forks of popular crypto-coins. Against the backdrop of the ever-growing interest in the crypto sphere, the exchange work with crypto-coins began to grow actively.

Bitfinex is often found among the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the modern world. In this article, let's talk about: what is the Bitfinex exchange, how to start working with this site, and what are the pros and cons of trading on it.

Bitfinex is a Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange trading platform. For the implementation of financial transactions, there are two vectors of motion: margin trading and exchange work. The site started in the middle of 2012 and in a short time increased its daily financial turnover to several billion dollars.

Rapid popularity came due to profitable offers for margin trading, that is, a trader can realize not only his financial assets, but also take a "credit" from investors. The process of lending to Bitfinex is called a "financial leverage". The volume of credit funds is limited and is calculated by the principle: one to three. This means that having on account, for example, $ 200, a trader (using a leverage) can have 600 dollars.


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Starting in 2016, cryptocurrency exchange exchangers are at the forefront of traders and miners who wish to sell profitably, or acquire crypto-coins. Together with the cryptocurrency fever, the number of exchanges increased many times. If according to the data for 2014 they existed no more than half a hundred, today the variety of exchange exchangers can be measured in thousands, and not all of them are reliable.

Binance  is one of the most progressive, popular and large-scale cryptocurrency exchanges on the globe. In this article we will talk about: what is Binance, how to use it correctly, how to register and what are the features of this exchanger.

Binance is a big Chinese exchange cryptocurrency stock exchange, which is included in the TOP 5 most reliable and popular in the world. For official data, the main office of the company is in a small Swiss town, but at the same time, the owners of the stock exchange live in Shanghai, and initially the company was registered as a Chinese company.

Binance started active in the spring of 2017, although the project was planned from the end of 2015. The exchange was originally conceived with a personal cryptocurrency settlement coin - Binance Coin, which gives its owners a number of advantages while working on the stock exchange. According to the draft, Binance was planned from the very beginning as a stock exchange with its own currency. But today the Binance Coin is no longer considered an integral part of Binance, but went to "free float", it can be purchased and sold at other platforms.


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In our time, the crypto-monetary financial sphere is at the peak of its popularity. This is due to the fact that people are looking for new decentralized options for paying for services, building businesses, as well as with the constantly increasing popularity of blockchain technology. Since digital payment systems in the TOP of modern world trends, the places for their purchase, sale, exchange have become in demand among the progressive stratum of the population.

For today, one can meet not one hundred cryptoсгккутсн exchanges and online exchangers, even with financial leverage (in other words, lending, collateral). But not all crypto-services are reliable, safe and really working, as fraudulent high-tech projects often occur. Among the most popular crypto-exchanges of our time, we can distinguish – the Kraken Californian platform.

In this article, let's talk about: what is Kraken, how to start work on this cryptocurrency trading platform and what possible difficulties may arise for beginning traders, and also consider the main types of orders for trades.

Speaking about the history of the creation of this exchange platform, it is important to mention the fact that it was founded in the middle of 2011 in the United States of America, in the city of San Francisco, just during the peak of Bitcoin's popularity and, at first worked only with the exchange of BTC to the fiat types of currencies. After six months of full-fledged functioning, in addition to the BTC, the Ethereum appeared on the list, as well as some crypto-coins based on it (the Ethereum ERC20 standard protocol). Then, closer to 2013, the list of cryptocurrency pairs for exchange began to add other altcoins, as well as Bitcoin tokens. For today, there are more than 150 pairs.


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Bitstamp – one of first-ever crypto-platforms and included in top the 10 best. The official going into a market and delivery of license passed at the beginning of 2011, in Luxemburg. A platform deservedly earned the trust of clients and justified the reputation, not looking on breaking and fraudulent attacks with that managed very successfully.

An exchange is counted on more experience traders, so that, if you yet novice on this business, you need to seek out something easier. And among the sharks of mining of electronic coins, a platform is very actual and top.

Let us be stopped for the main advantages of exchange:

  • Support 11 crypto steam.
  • Favorable commission fee.
  • Guaranteed reliability and honesty, time-tested platforms on the market.
  • It has significant trading volumes and therefore represents a good exchange for major purchases or sales.
  • Supports the purchase of a crypt using credit cards.
  • Regulated by – CSSF – thus ensuring the safety of user funds.
  • Supports Bitcoin Cash trading.
  • Cheaper and more efficient than individual exchanges, such as Localbitcoins.
  • Despite the significant theft of its reserves, Bitstamp has maintained a solid reputation and has not suffered from prolonged trade outages. Similar reputation and customer recovery occurred with Bitfinex (Hong Kong’s main exchange).


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Cryptocurrencies today are considered not only a fashionable financial trend figure of the era, but also an effective option for quick earning in the Internet network. Many progressive people of our time in the last five years began actively engaged in mining, crypto-coins trading, form farms and buy "asics", invest in new crypto-ICO.

Among the most common and popular options for working with cryptographic coins is trading on crypto-exchanges. On the vast Internet network at the moment you can find more than one cryptocurrency trading platform (they count hundreds of thousands), but not all existing services for the sale or exchange of digital money are reliable and protected from online scammers and robbers. In the top of the world's reliable and time-tested exchanges of cryptocurrencies, there is a platform for trading crypto-assets – HitBTC.

In this article, let's talk about what exactly is HitBTC, how to register correctly on this crypto exchange, and also talk about the history of the site and interface features.

HitBTC is a business product of the collaboration of Estonian programmers and Israeli businessmen. The concept of creating a site was developed in 2012, but was ready to work only in the spring of 2013. At the beginning, HitBTC supported the work only with Bitcoin and its exchange for fiat currencies (Canadian dollars, US dollars, yen and euro). But less than six months later (at the end of 2014), other altcoins and BTS tokens started to appear on the list of currency pairs (Ethereum was the first to join the list). Today, HitBTC has a list with more than 300 pairs for a trader exchange.


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