Publications about cryptocurrency and mining

01/10/18 09:31 UTC-4
MiningFeatures of the cloud service CCG mining

CCG mining: overview of the Cloud-Mining Service

CCG Mining is a popular English cloud-hashing service (headquartered in London), which has more than ten offices around the world and mining farms in Austria and Poland. CCG Mining Company appeared on the world's cryptocurrency market for a relatively long time, intensive activity and a large client flow date back to the beginning of 2016.

01/10/18 07:01 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyQTUM and business

The relevance of Qtum in the business environment

The QtUM abbreviation comes from the word Quantum. This platform is developed on the technological principles of blockchain by experts from Singapore who are excited about the idea of ​​developing a network combining the stability of Bitcoin and smart contracts available on the basis of the Ethereum shell.

01/10/18 02:03 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyAdvantages of the Kyber Network platform

Kyber Network, as a combination of several advantages

The Kyber Network cryptographic shell is a functional converter of virtual assets, which performs in its work a protocol based on the Ethereum platform. Offering exchange liquidity to participants in the network, Kyber performs the role of crypto-exchanges on a decentralized chain of blocks. Security and the huge speed of transactions are provided through exchange within the network, while the history of orders that have previously fallen into the register is deleted.

28/09/18 09:31 UTC-4
ExchangesCryptoсurrency exchange Kraken

Kraken: working with crypto-exchange, description

In our time, the crypto-monetary financial sphere is at the peak of its popularity. This is due to the fact that people are looking for new decentralized options for paying for services, building businesses, as well as with the constantly increasing popularity of blockchain technology. Since digital payment systems in the TOP of modern world trends, the places for their purchase, sale, exchange have become in demand among the progressive stratum of the population.

28/09/18 05:50 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyKuCoin – a currency with potential

Potential and Outlook of KuCoin

Infrastructure called KuCoin is one of the world's largest exchange sites for cryptographic currency. At the beginning of the year, this platform supports more than two hundred digital assets, transactions with which occur through the internal KCS token.

28/09/18 03:53 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyGambling and FunFair

FunFair in the world of virtual gaming

The company FunFair is a vivid example of how the technical process of the blockchain can come to the aid of the organizers of the online casino. Classic online services that give users a chance to try their hand at gambling have a not very good reputation, moreover, this business option has low liquidity due to huge operating costs.

27/09/18 06:39 UTC-4
ExchangesYObit Exchange on the Cryptocurrency Market

Yobit: description, algorithm of operation, pros and cons of the exchange site

Crypto-coins are today at the crest of global demand and fame. This is not strange at all, because the blockchain technology itself has become very popular among the population, especially if you can still make money on this. Talk about the rise and fall of Bitcoin, the implementation of crypto-coins on stock exchanges, the rapid earnings of cryptocurrency traders – are increasingly encountered.

27/09/18 05:47 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyNEM or new economy movement?

NEM is a data management platform

New Economy Movement (in simple words NEM) was formed in the virtual currency market as a modern shell for closed regulation of the economy, built on the principles of Blockchain. On the NEM platform, there is already a progressive management system called Smart Asset, which solves issues related to tuning the work of blockchain.

27/09/18 02:49 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyFactom as the largest database

Factom, as a potential leader in document management

A decentralized network called Factom is built on the basis of a blockchain technical process and demonstrates what should be the largest database for storing information in a chain of blocks. The platform is oriented towards Bitcoin, but, unlike the latter, it tries to solve three main problems that eventually arose with the most popular cryptocurrency.

26/09/18 09:46 UTC-4
ExchangesDescription of the Binance exchange platform

Description of the Binance exchange platform, the algorithm for creating an account

Starting in 2016, cryptocurrency exchange exchangers are at the forefront of traders and miners who wish to sell profitably, or acquire crypto-coins. Together with the cryptocurrency fever, the number of exchanges increased many times. If according to the data for 2014 they existed no more than half a hundred, today the variety of exchange exchangers can be measured in thousands, and not all of them are reliable.

26/09/18 05:26 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyEthos Cryptocurrency wallet of new generation

Ethos and the democratization of digital money

The project, called Ethos, combines a universal purse for the savings of cryptocurrencies and the exchange of digital assets for classical fiat currencies. Thus, network users have received convenient and safe functionality for managing, buying and selling virtual currency.

26/09/18 02:24 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyThe uniqueness of the cryptographic asset of GAS

GAS and it's unique features

The cryptographic asset GAS was developed for the operational management of smart-contracts and digital money on the NEO site. The block chain in the NEO network has a similar infrastructure with a more popular platform called Ethereum. The main function performed by GAS can be described as a payment for executing a smart-contract. Thus, the NEO negotiable token is used by application developers to improve the functionality and security of custom smart-contracts.

25/09/18 09:59 UTC-4
ExchangesTime-tested stock exchange Poloniex

Poloniex – description of the exchange platform

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing an unprecedented rise today. As a consequence, this caused a great demand for the purchase and sale of digital coins. And since, cryptocurrencies are a virtual payment unit, then it can be realized only in the virtual Internet space. For the purchase and sale of crypto-financial assets, special online exchangers and exchanges are designed.

25/09/18 07:20 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyOpportunities and Prospects of IOTA

IOTA in the world of Internet things

Not so long ago in the digital world appeared a promising technology based on cryptography, the purpose of which is to facilitate the transaction between two computers connected to the Internet. It is thanks to a wide range of possibilities that a new platform called IOTA was able to quickly take the leading positions in the cryptocurrency market. The IOTA abbreviation can be unraveled as Internet of Things Application.

24/09/18 08:52 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyPerspectives and Features of DragonChain

DragonChain: Features and Prospects

The development of the DragonChain platform, which uses the technical process of the blockchain, was launched in 2014 with the launch of Private Blockchain, part of the world famous Disney brand. After the start of the network with an open source code in 2016, this project began its activities as a non-profit organization.

24/09/18 02:54 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyThe uniqueness and prospects of Electroneum

Electroneum: Features and Prospects

A platform called Electroneum is a unique service for buying cryptographic currency without having to leave personal data and link your account to bank accounts. Using the Electroneum network, users can acquire digital assets in a completely confidential manner, which makes currency transactions convenient for a huge number of people all over the world.

21/09/18 08:35 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyProspects of Decred

Main Features and Future of the Decred

Decred is another representative of the decentralized platform, which wants to improve the management of the chain of blocks and achieve autonomy in the network, where user participation is a priority for the further development of the shell.

21/09/18 07:09 UTC-4
Fiat money, fundsFeatures of crypto-currency funds

Cryptocurrency funds (ETF) and their types

Cryptocurrency fund – transfer of personal cryptocurrency savings to trust management. The fund consists of a team of traders who know their business. The advantage is that you do not need to independently trade cryptocurrencies, calculate mathematically the market trends, track the news. cryptocurrency fund conducts a connection between investors and traders.

20/09/18 10:19 UTC-4
ExchangesCryptaturrency exchanges, as a way to trade cryptocurrency

Crypto-exchanges: guidelines for beginners

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform and the most common way to trade cryptocurrencies. On exchanges, you can buy/sell cryptocurrencies for fiat money (couples Fiat/Crypto), as well as buy/sell cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies (crypto/crypto pairs).

20/09/18 08:31 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyAelf's versatility

Aelf: versatility within a single platform

Most of the currently known cryptocurrencies work on the principle of a decentralized network, where, thanks to the creation of a chain of blocks, encrypted information is stored and transmitted. Such platforms successfully use the technical process of a blockchain to execute transactions or execute smart-contracts.

20/09/18 04:32 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyCardano's ambition

The ambitious Cardano Project

The investment program, called Cardano, manages processes that represent the digital shell for working with smart contracts. Something similar is offered by the Ethereum infrastructure, but Cardano has a higher level of security, thanks to its multi-level architecture.

19/09/18 08:12 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyThe edges of the Verge project

Thin Verge faces

The project was originally called DogeCoinDark, but in the first quarter of 2016 the developers decided to change the name to Verge, which in English means "face". Like many cryptocurrencies, Vergé provides maximum privacy and anonymity of transactions.