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Crowdfunding from the NXT platform: NXT Asset Exchange

NXT Asset Exchange is the crowdfunding platform from NXT
NXT Asset Exchange is the crowdfunding platform from NXT

NXT cryptocurrency platform has a built-in crowdfunding platform for investing and supporting startups. Full name: NXT Asset Exchange. On NXT-crowdfunding, anyone can place their project, manage it and find investors for implementation.

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Description of NXT-crowdfunding

Of course, the main cryptocurrency to invest in is the NXT coin. The main direction of developing projects on the platform is cryptocurrency, blockchain applications, new exchangers and related technical projects.

The token, platform, and NXT Asset Exchange were created in 2013. Since then, NXT-crowdfunding has become the most popular online way to present your own project without an "open" ICO or CTO. According to 2018 statistics, NXT Asset Exchange is among the ten most popular and reliable crowdfunding services.


NXT Asset Exchange features

The most popular projects implemented on the NXT Asset Exchange: Supernet.org, Coinomat exchanger, and NEM cryptocurrency. Statistics on fundraising, as well as all additional information regarding investment can be explored on the site: nxtreporting.com.

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NXT Asset Exchange features: convenient and easy interface, multi-language control panel, easy registration, ability to encrypt personal data and private messages, built-in "mini" exchange for cryptocurrency conversion, as well as the ability to invest even fiat money. The duration of the fundraising, as well as changes in the project, the authors regulate independently. Moderation on the NXT crowdfunding platform is absent.

In addition, NXT – crowdfunding offers its users an open vote for the projects. Each participant can vote for their favorite (or disliked) project, as well as leave feedback for developers. This function helps authors to be guided in the opinion of potential consumers, as well as to make edits and corrections in time.

The internal exchange is also suitable for the implementation of projects of new tokens. That is, the author of cryptocurrency can immediately present new coins on the NXT platform and offer them to investors for purchase.

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