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Crowdfunding as a way to invest in cryptocurrency or present your own project

Investing in cryptocurrency and the implementation of personal projects – crowdfunding
Investing in cryptocurrency and the implementation of personal projects – crowdfunding

Crowdfunding are collective platforms, projects consisting of project authors, investors and philanthropists. The goal of crowdfunding platforms is to raise money to fund a product.

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Crowdfunding description

Crowdfunding is a type of financing system. Directions can be very different, for example, project support, product implementation, holding a conference, issuing an application, etc.

Modern models of crypto-crowdfunding platforms are conventionally divided into three types (according to the type of money collection):

  1. Crowdinvesting – investing new projects for a fee in the form of "shareholding".
  2. Crowdfunding donation – financial assistance without "dividends", charity, patronage of arts.
  3. Crowdfunding on Kickstarter model – financing for non-financial remuneration (advertising, cooperation, etc.)


Cryptocurrency crowdfunding platforms

The main advantage of crowdfunding is the ability to implement the project without the participation of banks, loans, stock-exchanges, official ICO and CTO. The most popular type of crowdfunding process is the online platform. If we talk about the cryptocurrency sector, then such platforms are specialized services for posting ideas, proposals, coin projects, or conference proposals.

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Cryptocurrency crowdfunding platforms work through the active interaction of all participants. Roles are distributed as follows: Author (project managers), Curator (companies providing technical equipment, premises, advertising), Sponsor (whoever invests money).

Services for crypto-crowdfunding are always equipped with built-in payment systems for transfer, and have security systems, if desired, also a system of anonymity of sponsors. Of the main advantages: a constant relationship and active communication between the Authors, Curators and Sponsors.

The most popular crypto-crowdfunding platforms: wings.ai (projects); bnktothefuture.com (crypto-coins); startcoin.org (investing crypto in blockchain startups).

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Crowdfunding from the NXT platform: NXT Asset Exchange

​NXT cryptocurrency platform has a built-in crowdfunding platform for investing and supporting startups. Full name: NXT Asset Exchange. On NXT-crowdfunding, anyone can place their project, manage it and find investors for implementation.

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Cryptocurrency funds (ETF) and their types

Cryptocurrency fund – transfer of personal cryptocurrency savings to trust management. The fund consists of a team of traders who know their business. The advantage is that you do not need to independently trade cryptocurrencies, calculate mathematically the market trends, track the news. cryptocurrency fund conducts a connection between investors and traders.

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"Hyip" in the world of cryptocurrencies

Crypto-currency HYIPs are a fairly common form of Internet-fraud in the modern world. The word "HYIP" came into Russian from the UK and literally translated as narcotic or musical ecstasy, catharsis.

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Features of fiat money

With the increasing popularity of the cryptocurrency sphere, in everyday speech there are many financial and economic terms. For example, the phrase "fiat money" is often used in the crypto- sphere. In this article we will talk about what is fiat money, where and why they originated, what ups and downs they experienced.