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Advantages and disadvantages of Veritaseum

Pros and cons of Veritaseum
Pros and cons of Veritaseum

According to the Veritaseum developers, their project is a mediator between peer-to-peer platforms, which through the blockchains organize the implementation of smart-contracts. Also, with the help of Veritaseum you can manage cryptocurrency assets and carry out transactions between network users. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide safe financial services without the involvement of various analysts and consultants. All this is similar to the competition between two types of brokerage services, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.


Work principles

Veritaseum acts as a platform where distributed software and the VERI corporate token analyze and transfer information about the infrastructure of the blockchain. Based on the Veritaseum network, a management model called VeADIR is implemented. This shell has access to network data and, based on algorithms, calculates the result of transactions. Using a token as an investment asset makes it possible to develop the future of this technology.

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Another tool on the mother base is the VeRent algorithm, which is responsible for peer-to-peer operations on the cryptocurrency exchange. In addition to digital analytics VeADIR, there is a research center VeResearch, working, thanks to human resources. VeResearch function creates investment projects for certain cryptocurrencies taking into account their liquidity. Harmonization of the work of people and the computer combines the VeExposure software model. In fact, this is another application, integrated on the platform to improve the efficiency of the network.



The management program is called VeManagement – it allows you to control and change assets, depending on the analysis carried out by VeResearch. By analogy with some cryptographic platforms, Veritaseum can serve as a place for the realization of your assets by creating your own tokens, as a donor, using the smart-contracts of the Ethereum block chain. Creation of symbolic assets is one more step towards a cryptocurrency future, where any financial activity is built according to the technical of blockchain process.

To buy or sell VERI coins can not be on every internet exchange. The most active place to trade this cryptocurrency is ForkDelta. With the ERC-20 marker, the coin can be stored in any hardware purse such as MyEtherWallet or Ledger Nano S.

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The only disappointment for us was the complete lack of information about the future plans of the Veritaseum project. Many began to associate this platform with scammers and non-professionals of cryptography. Inept asset management and the lack of a clear position led to some doubts about the success of this project. Despite the high level of capitalization, the network is not yet included in the TOP-50 most famous currencies on the market. With a stock of coins of 100 million units, today there are only 2 million in turnover, which is 2% of the total.

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