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Thin Verge faces

The edges of the Verge project
The edges of the Verge project

The project was originally called DogeCoinDark, but in the first quarter of 2016 the developers decided to change the name to Verge, which in English means "face".


Work principles

Like many cryptocurrencies, Vergé provides maximum privacy and anonymity of transactions. In addition, the network provides its users with high speed and instant confirmation of operations. Thanks to cryptographic methods of reconciliation of transactions, Verge aims to become the most attractive digital currency on the market.

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Ensuring absolute anonymity in Verge is decided at the level of connecting users to the network. Suffice it to recall that the connection of two devices via the Internet occurs through an intermediary in the person of a company that provides communication services. Identify your computer using an IP address, so there can be no question of any privacy. The developers of Verge managed to offer two options at once for solving the problem of anonymity of their customers.

As the encryption of the Internet address, special Tor and I2P programs are used. The first option involves encrypting individual messages in two adjacent layers that hide the route by which these transactions originate. As a result of changes in the IP address, it is possible to achieve the anonymity of the block chain based on directories. Based on the new technology of anonymity, I2P system is built, which allows to protect the platform from excessive loads due to the flexibility of routing.



Verge platform supports two variants of wallets on Android, with one of them working on Tor, and the second on I2P. The safety of these mobile purses is provided through PIN codes, biometric data and QR codes. Thus, the concept of messaging at the time of making payments is materialized in the network.

Official monetary unit Verge is a XVG coin, which is actively traded on major Internet sites. The developers' plans for the future include the development of cryptographic methods of working with virtual translations, the introduction of atomic swaps and ensuring confidentiality. In addition, the technology of smart-contracts is being introduced in cooperation with Ethereum.

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After the first acquaintance with the project there remains some uncertainty in its bright future, due to the lack of its creators with specific goals and a formed structure. At the same time, this platform has a number of unique characteristics that allow using cryptocurrency with a high level of anonymity.

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