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Waves: project uniqueness

The uniqueness of the Waves project
The uniqueness of the Waves project

Decentralised blockchain platform called Waves is characterised, as unique shell constructed on the Blockchain technology and enabling to any participant of the network to create own token. Process launch of the cryptocurrency with the aid of Waves takes only a few minutes, following which You will be able to trade your coin interchangeably with other participants of the network.

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Work principles

Before to begin to use network, let's be disassembled, as work of this platform is constructed. Passing of transactions with use Waves relies to blockchain protocol that superimposes its limitations to speed of execution of operations and limited block scalability To date, the platform has several types of operations: custom tokens CATs, currency exchange DEX and privacy functions. As it should be decentralized networks, the main focus of their work is aimed at creating and cryptocurrency exchanging. This process is easy to organize through a Lite-client or software based on Android and iOS. Coins sold in circulation can be sold, exchanged and all this is accompanied without intermediaries.

Waves have a number of differences from the classical architecture on which the company's blockchain is built. At the heart of the platform is a two-level system with units supporting the main network. For information, only the entire block chain is encouraged in the Bitcoin network. Working in Waves, the blocks never load the block chain to the full, such a function is called Scorex. The procedure for confirming transactions occurs when tokens are used. In the Waves network there are 100 million coins, which by leasing agreement support the unity of the network. To run a whole network node, you must have at least 10 thousand coins.



The process of cryptocurrency exchanging is also carried out on the decentralized platform DEX, which ensures the inviolability of your accounts and wallets. The most popular option for sharing is the Waves and Bitcoin. Exposing the cryptocurrency to fiat money, anonymity is lost, but when working inside the Waves platform, confidentiality is preserved by 100%.

At the start of the ICO  in the second quarter of 2016, the developers concentrated more than sixteen million dollars, after which there were both ups and downs in the capitalization level of this cryptocurrency. Waves purchase , as well as many cryptocurrencies, is possible on one of two large stock exchanges – Binance or Bittrex. To collect and it is possible to store coins in firm purse Lite Wallet. As well as on smartphone through special programs in Apple Apps and Google Play.

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The project called Waves can be considered successful and promising, thanks to the unique ability to create and use its own crypto currency to ordinary network users. In addition, the platform successfully manages the decentralized exchange of coins. One of the priorities of the developers of the Waves network will be the implementation of the super-fast work of the Blockchain technology. And while the implementation of grandiose plans is at the initial stage, the site itself already has its fans, who invested in the crypto currency of about six hundred million dollars.

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