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Waltonchain and the development of Internet things

Promising asset of Waltonchain
Promising asset of Waltonchain

Waltonchain is one more representative of decentralised platform working on the blocks chain and enabling to the companies, with the aid of firm technical process RFID, to control the logistic of deliveries of various sort of the production.

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Logistic is the most used branch, where Waltonchain  is used. Co-ordination of deliveries and information of goods at many modern companies is built on the Blokchain technology  , therefore Waltonchain, using identification RFID, improves the overall performance of large corporations.


Work principles

Waltonchain Network covers blockchain shell and computational power of computers for “Internet of Things” (IoT). Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID), which in quick future can replace codes entirely customary by all the stroke which were invented by Charles Walton.

The Waltonchain platform is capable to apply RFID labels directly in blocks and by that to preserve information of physical network elements. As the example of practical use of Waltonchain, can be remembered the organisation of the account in libraries and in boothes with articles of food. The Waltonchain main purpose information processing and implementation of transactions. Besides it, in the platform use WTC cryptocurrency is present, which controls processes and pays smart-contracts.

The main partner using Waltonchain is the government of China, and the main competitor is the VeChain network. Unlike VeChain, which resorts to the use of NFC and QR codes, the Waltonchain shell is built around RFID technology.



For ordinary users of the Waltonchain network created the most comfortable conditions for the implementation of their own blockchain and coins. At the same time, the individual projects of network participants are not dependent on the parent Waltonchain. As we mentioned earlier, the network implements the WTC cryptocurrency, thanks to which it is possible to have dividends from the platform operation, use them as proceeds of credit,  exchange by the assets, and also as transactional currencynotes for payment of transactions between various units of the blocks.  Performance of the consensus of transactions in the Waltonchain network is implemented by means of the  Power-On self-test PoST. Depending on reputation of the participant of the network remuneration for acknowledgement of operations is formed.

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Buy or sell WTC cryptocurrency can be on the major Internet exchanges Bittrex and Binance. The saving of coins bearing the ERC20 marker is most convenient in the MyEtherWallet purse or the Ledger Nano S hardware purse.


According to many experts, Waltonchain is an interesting and promising asset. Cooperation with state companies and organizations makes it possible to classify this infrastructure as a reliable investment project.

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