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Exodus desktop wallet for storing cryptocurrency

Exodus - desktop wallet for storing cryptocurrency
Exodus - desktop wallet for storing cryptocurrency

The Exodus cryptocurrency wallet was released in July 2016 on the basis of the Bank To The Future crypto-crowdfunding online-platform (which, by the way, popular companies such as Bitstamp, Bitfinex, ShapeShift, Kraken) started. For the start of the Exodus project, about 330,000 Euros were raised in just two weeks.

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Description and work principles

Exodus is considered one of the most reliable and popular crypto-wallets. This is partly due to the famous application development team. As you know, the main base for the functioning of the wallet was created by such IT specialists as JP Richardson (collaborated with Apple, Nike, BMW, Disney) and Daniel Castagnoli (the famous open source software developer).

Exodus cryptocurrency wallet is a desktop multi-currency crypto-application. There is a function of in-program currency conversion. By the principle of operation, the application is a "thin" wallet. That is, the method of checking and confirming transactions is SPV (without downloading the full version of the blockchain). Synchronization with the blockchain cryptocurrency occurs during connection to the Internet network. The size of the application is about 75 Mb.

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Use Exodus wallet

There are no mobile versions for Exodus. This is an extremely desktop application designed for PC. OS, on which you can install the wallet: MacOS, Linux, Windows (only 64-bit version, that is, on a PC with a 64-bit processor, from 2 GB of RAM).

The application is adapted for storing such cryptocurrencies as: Bitcoin (and all of its forks), Ethereum and all ERC20 protocol tokens, Golem, Fun Fair, OmiseGo, Decred, District0x, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin.

The exchange of cryptocurrencies within the Exodus application takes place due to the connection to the ShapeShift platform.

The main disadvantages of the Exodus cryptocurrency wallet are high commissions for internal conversion of coins and constant updates that need to be reinstalled.

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