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Bytom: perspective and product uniqueness

Unique and promising of Bytom
Unique and promising of Bytom

Cryptocurrency asset called Bytom is a dialogue agreement including at once a few types of saves. Diverse assets can interact in entirely different blocks, including, using securities, bonds and other information, accessible in a real world. Interaction of these assets is implemented by means of Bytom network, at the same time the platform has three functional elements. The first element is responsible for data communication (simply stated, there are transactions). Work of the second consists in performance of smart-contract, and the third element supplies interaction of all resources.

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For realisation of high speed of the transactions anonymity, developers used the model of UTXO blockchain together with algorithm of acknowledgement Bitcoin. For sure  virtual currency transfer , Bytom will involve multiple currency wallets which can be oriented not only to accounting record, but also to define the type of the currency, amount and the condition of execution of operations. It is possible to control wallet of all by one key, as it is independent of the type of Your asset.

Distinctive feature of BUTXO user interface is opportunity to verify parallel operations through unique mechanism active on similarity of nonce. In the Bitom transactions pass compactly  without participation of all network, if it is unnecessary in it. Process of check of transactions is realised by the proof of Merkle work. Distribution of the network on interblock cells adds blocks chain microversion to work, resulting in the disintegration of the remuneration on the conditions of existing contract.


Work principles

Bytom Infrastructure works on the basis of ESCDA encryption and SHA-256 hashing. As well, Bytom supports cryptoalgorithms SM2 and SM3. With a view of supplying of the assets uniqueness, technical process called ODIN is applied, which is based on the blocks chain and supports other blocks, due to open and private blockchain variants. The Bytom shell assists to interact to various assets with the aid of DLT protocol. As the result, network users had an opportunity of support of smart contracts and synchronisation of distributed information.

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Modern approach to work of the platform allowed shell called Bytom will strengthen in 50 of the largest blockchains of the systems on the level of capitalization. Attraction of investments to this digital currency exceeds 400 million dollars. Based on market tendencies, Bytom has all chances is advanced even above in the rating of cryptoplatforms by results of 2018.

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Cryptocurrencies in Germany: financial geography

Cryptocurrencies in Germany are becoming increasingly popular. In March last year, the German Ministry of Finance recognized Bitcoin and other Altcoins as “official means of payment”. Since then, the popularity of Bitcoin and crypto payments has increased several times.

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Financial geography. Cryptocurrencies in Sweden

Sweden, a northern European country, as well as neighboring Denmark, became a haven for cryptocurrency. The country has the lowest utilization rate of paper money, and therefore it was incredibly easy to accept digital assets for residents of Sweden.