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BitPay Wallet for storing Bitcoin

Bitcoin BitPay Wallet
Bitcoin BitPay Wallet

BitPay Wallet is a software product for storing cryptocurrency from the eponymous BitPay company. The company began operations in early 2011, the first beta version of the cryptocurrency wallet was released in May 2016 after the conclusion of a partnership agreement with IT company Intel.


Description and work principles

Since until the release of the wallet, the company has been working with cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin pressure for more than five years, the development team was able to design the most convenient option for storing cryptocurrency.

В кошельке от BitPay Wallet можно хранить криптомонеты Bitcoin (BTC) и Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

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BitPay Wallet features:

  1. Support about 50 different languages, which makes the wallet popular in many countries around the world.
  2. Open source. Thanks to the open source software, the wallet is available for viewing, studying and changing, which allows to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities and unacceptable functionality for the user. In addition, each BitPay wallet user can participate in the refinement of the "open" program itself.
  3. Online BitPay Wallet allows integration with hardware wallets such as: Ledger and Trezor.
  4. To improve security measures, the wallet supports the multi-signature function (an electronic signature implementation scheme that requires T keys from a group of N members for its reliability). In addition, the classic protection option is also available – the password.
  5. BitPay Wallet supports the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency in its "internal" exchanger.
  6. The ability to link a VISA bank card.


Using BitPay Wallet

The BitPay Wallet software is multiplatform, that is, it supports all popular operating systems: MS Windows, Win Mobile, Apple MacOS, iOS, Linux and Android.

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The main disadvantage of the wallet is an overly narrow specialization. Today, working with only two BTC and BCH tokens is not always convenient. In addition, to ensure a high level of protection, BitPay Wallet requires a long process of registration, verification and authentication.

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