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Byteball: failure from traditional method of work of cryptographic systems

Features of the Byteball platform
Features of the Byteball platform

The Byteball platform renders services on storage and sale of various sort of assets including virtual currency. Success of the Byteball is connected not only with modern technology of work of the network, but also with purchase of special discounts Cashback, which grant some sites, including world famous Internet project YouTube.

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Work principles

Distinctive feature of the Byteball network is failure from traditional method of work of cryptographic systems which implies development of the blocks on peer-to-peer chain. In the Byteball shell is used other method of acknowledgement of transactions which attaches an information to the previous network operations. Information locating on the platform, supports system called aimed acyclic count and by that increasing opportunities as compared with traditional structures.



Among other advantages of  Byteball network it is possible to allocate anonymity of the users making payments or exchange by the messages. As well, Byteball developers did not aim purpose it will be enriched at the expense of attraction of investments for a time ICO, therefore a large part of tokens was subject to without paid base. For the participants of the network conventional payments with use of installed smart-contracts are provided. But also opportunity to conduct peer-to-peer operations by means of P2P is accessible as alternative to unique Byteball algorithm. Transactions form personal blocks which do not come in the chain. At the expense of instant acknowledgement of operations without involvement of computational capacity, Byteball consumes entirely little energy and guarantees the proof of work of the cryptonetwork.

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Byteball cryptocurrency asset  is clear from the standpoint of transfer of cost and definition of collections commissions. For anonymous calculations the second currency called Blackbytes is applied, which is not displayed in public cadastre of transactions. Unique algorithm of work of the network at performing of conventional payments guarantees return of coins in the case of non-fulfilment of determined terms and conditions of contract, and if to say easier - network can return sent payment after determined time stated in the contract. Byteball considerably is easier and more convenient for common users, as opposed to other cryptoplatforms, in which as well networks are realised.

To purchase or it is possible to sell Blackbyte coins just on two Internet-platforms. Asset in personal purse is stored which can be loaded on iOS, Android or Windows. Work of firm wallet requires identification card by means of the program of identification Jumio. Payments in the network safely depart even through textual messages WhatsApp and iMessage that enables not to use bank translations.


After signing of partner agreement with Jumio cryptocurrency quotations increased considerably what resulted in influx of investments at a rate of 150 million dollars. Solving some problems of cryptographic technology Byteball network introduces blockchain, as mass mechanism of data exchange to Internet community.

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