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Metaverse ETP cryptocurrency project: description and advantages

Metaverse ETP cryptocurrency project overview
Metaverse ETP cryptocurrency project overview

Metaverse ETP is a cryptocurrency project, the culmination of which is a blockchain ecosystem with a wide range of actions. At the same time, the platform also includes the classic "advantages" of decentralized applications: individual tokens, work with smart-contracts, the possibility of transactions.


Work principles

The main principle of the whole ecosystem is the smart-contracts system. At the same time, the platform is the future competitor of Ethereum in China. Among the project's possibilities, we can highlight the creation of our own tokens, full management of our digital assets, automatic identification of the user's identity in the blockchain system, the ability to tokenize any property.

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Metaverse ETP crypto-coins operate based on the platform’s payment instrument. Regarding the mining of coins, mining (in its classical form) is present. The 30 million ETP coins, that is, 30 percent of the total emissions, will be mined using the Ethash hashing algorithm, and the PoW consensus mechanism.

25 percent of ETP tokens were provided to ICO Metaverse ETP participants. Another 25 percent, for the time being, are reserved for the further development of the ecosystem and the Metaverse Foundation. Another 20 million ETP cryptocurrency coins are allocated for the accrual of interest on deposits.

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The Metaverse ETP cryptocurrency is now exchanged on such exchanges as: Bitfinex and RightBTC. The average price over the past four months is $ 2.81 per crypto-coin. But due to the global collapse of the cryptocurrency market, the cost of the ETP token at the time of December 22, 2018 is only $ 667. The level of total capitalization for the same period was $ 36.4 million. The average trading volume for November-December 2018 was $ 27,883,738.

To store tokens, use the Windows, Linux and MacOS Wallets. Total coins: 57150980 ETP.

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