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Оperating principle of Arctic Coin

Prospects of Arctic Coin
Prospects of Arctic Coin

Another promising crypto-platform may be a decentralized network called ARK. The main goal pursued by the developers of ARK, is to increase interest in blockchain technology and a large-scale promotion of this platform.


Work principles

The work of ARK is built around Fast Secure Core, which means providing real services for ordinary users. In simple words, it is a convenient and maximally accessible ecosystem that provides a fast chain of blocks operation, which works on delegating transaction confirmation.

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Using SmartBridges technology on its platform, ARK acts as an intermediary between different block chains, allowing them to exchange information and various types of assets. In the ARK network, several different programming languages ​​are integrated, so almost any developer, using the parent network, can develop his own independent project.

Depending on the amount of cryptocurrency that the user has, his voice at delegation of the confirmation has a different level of significance. The process of the coordination of operations works on the DPoS algorithm, and as the tool in this work the same ARK token acts. At the start, 125 million coins were issued, and later users received two ARKs when creating the block. It is also worth noting that one block is generated every eight seconds. In comparison with the 10-minute block waiting from Bitcoin – 8 seconds from the ARK network looks very promising. In the ARK infrastructure  there are no problems with scalability and this is another plus for those who plan to start work on this platform.



For the entire time of ARK's existence on the cryptocurrency market, not only has growth occurred, but also the fall in the value of the token. To date, the capitalization of ARK is approaching a mark of three hundred million dollars. Buy or sell coins can be on such large online exchanges as Bittrex or Binance. Coin storage is organized on the corporate website, and, alternatively, you can use the Desktop Wallet and Ledger.

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Many investors continue to trust the ARK ecosystem, and this contributes to the development of the network and the emergence of new promising projects. Thanks to ARK, blockchain technology becomes more and more accessible and understandable for most Internet users every day.

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Cryptocurrencies in Germany: financial geography

Cryptocurrencies in Germany are becoming increasingly popular. In March last year, the German Ministry of Finance recognized Bitcoin and other Altcoins as “official means of payment”. Since then, the popularity of Bitcoin and crypto payments has increased several times.

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Financial geography. Cryptocurrencies in Sweden

Sweden, a northern European country, as well as neighboring Denmark, became a haven for cryptocurrency. The country has the lowest utilization rate of paper money, and therefore it was incredibly easy to accept digital assets for residents of Sweden.