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Ardor: pros and cons of the project

Positive and negative sides of Ardor
Positive and negative sides of Ardor

A crypto -platform called Ardor provides a range of services that use blockchain technology to build an enterprise infrastructure and save money on developing custom applications and nodes. Based on Ardor, there is a mother block chain that processes the child chains and ensures the security and decentralization of the main network.


Work principles

Before the appearance of the Ardor shell, the project was called Nxt. It set himself the goal to present the technical process of the blockchain accessible to all those wishing to organize the work of their enterprise in a modern environment. The program Nxt is based on a blockchain with an open source code. This makes the network easily scalable and potentially attractive to third-party developers.

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At the initial stage of development, Ardor using Nxt 2.0, sought to expand its capabilities. Thus, create a blockchain from scratch without using the original Bitcoin codes. The initial Nxt code is written in Java. Therefore, by executing its work on the API, it activates the function of issuing its own tokens. Nxt technology is not something new. The Ardor project started in the distant 2013.

The first chain of blocks built on the platform Ardor, was a network called Ignis. The child shell implements all the functions inherent in the mother blockchain on the Nxt code. The creators of the platform launched Ignis ICO just recently. But in a short time, it was possible to accumulate more than 15 million dollars of investments. Soon, users will be able to use Ardor to trade assets and exchange digital files.



The main problem in the network is the fact that the internal NXT cryptocurrency was released earlier. To date, to work, you need to pay for transactions with a certain number of tokens. Another drawback is the overloading of the network due to the use of the entire history of blockchain, even for a standard operation.

In Ardor, users can change the architecture of the chain of blocks and create child chains. Therefore, the platform guarantees an increased speed of operations. Integration of secondary chains into the network does not cause any security problems. All units are on the same platform. The introduction of an auxiliary transaction-clipping function solves the overload problem. But at the same time, the history in the archival nodes is preserved. Now, the developers of Ardor are engaged in solving problems with tokens and switching to child units that use their coins.

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All three projects - Nxt, Ardor and Ignis are developed by a team of professionals from the Jelurida company. It unites a whole group of specialists working to promote the blockchain technology. At the start of 2018, you can confidently talk about the success of the Ardor model in the cryptocurrency market. The capitalization of the network with the same name reached the level of $ 300 million and continues to grow.

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