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TRUE USD: the digital equivalent of the dollar

TRUE USD, as an analogue of the dollar
TRUE USD, as an analogue of the dollar

TRUE USD cryptocurrency is altcoin, which is fully supported by the dollar. The principle of operation of crypto-coins is a unit of account for quick transactions or savings of funds.

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Work principles

The cost of 1 TUSD token is 1 USD. This is the second crypto-coin, the rate of which remains stable regardless of market conditions. TRUE USD cryptocurrency is often called a tokenized dollar. The opportunity to implement such an idea has become available thanks to the legal and technical aspects of the TrustToken platform. At the same time, the token absorbed all the advantages of cryptocurrency calculation and the stability of fiat money.

Often, the coin is used to save accumulated funds, since at any time a sum of money can be withdrawn from an online wallet and transferred to Fiat without loss or risk. Also, the constancy of the price rate favors settlement transactions within the business. As is known, the TRUE USD cryptocurrency has been added to the Binance exchange since the very beginning of its existence.

Now, purchase TRUE USD tokens, possibly on stock-exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Kuna, Upbit, HitBTC, Upbit, Cointiger, Kyber-Network. TRUE USD coin was made according to the standard of Ethereum - ERC20. Therefore, owners of cryptocurrencies can store tokens in MyEtherWallet, Trezod, Ledger Nano S Wallets.

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TRUE USD cryptocurrency ranks 91st in terms of total capitalization. Now, the market capitalization of the coin is 59,221,200 dollars. The average daily trading on the stock-exchanges is $ 14,399,039. At the same time, only 58,799,383 TUSDs are in circulation.

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