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Perspectives and features of Aeternity

Features and Prospects of Aeternity
Features and Prospects of Aeternity

Developers of the Aeternity platform launched their project in 2017. The main emphasis was on promoting the scale of the company and creating a dapps decentralized system. The network issues its own Aeon (AE) tokens. They put smart- contracts on a decentralized shell. Aeon tokens are also an investment asset for confirming transactions.

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Work principles

Ethereum is the world leader in the development and implementation of smart- contracts. On this platform, there is the problem of scale. The massive creation of promising assets based on Ethereum has led to an overabundance of the network load and the occurrence of related problems. Now there are only three options for solving the difficulties associated with scalability. Using a different method of consensus is the first option to speed up the work on creating blocks. The second option is the method of confirmation with the help of separate nodes. And the last of the existing methods is the transfer of smart- contracts outside the platform.

Aeternity is going to solve the problem of scale development with the help of an official channel. In it, two participants are guaranteed confidentiality in the performance of a smart- contract. If there are any disputable issues, the contract is considered in the block chain. Thus, using the technology of blockchain. The result of the network without using the entire capacity of the platform will be the high throughput of the implementation of smart- contracts.

Ethereum can independently solve the scalability problem with the help of software on the chain of blocks. After this, it is possible to reduce the attractiveness of Aeternity as an alternative to the more advanced Ethereum shell. In the future, Aeternity can become a more attractive system for developers. If this happens, the way to external sources of information and the development of smart- contracts will open.



Network users check the correctness of the blocks using the same scheme used for Bitcoin mining. Aeternity has its own Cuckoo Cycle transaction confirmation algorithm. Owners of AE tokens participate in voting for new projects and proposals for the development of the platform. Now more and more attention is paid to mobile and web-applications based on Javascript.

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Before moving to its own platform, Aeon had an ERC-20 marker from the Ethereum network. But already in 2018 plans to launch its own Aeternity cryptocurrency. AE coins can be bought or sold on the Bittrex exchange. Store better in a wallet with support for ERC-20.


Promoting smart- contracts and increasing scalability will make Aeternity one of the most popular assets among cryptocurrency investors around the world.

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