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Pundi X: description, capitalization, principles of operation of the coin and platform

Pundi X Project
Pundi X Project

Pundi X  Cryptocurrency is a token that was created on the same protocol. In the Pundi X network, coins play the role of a means of payment. The system is designed to sell crypto-coins in offline mode. Marker-coins – NPXS.


Work principles

Within this network, coins act as a means of payment. System developers undertake to create the most favorable conditions for conducting transactions. The Pundi X project offers its users a complete set of full-fledged solutions for selling digital money offline or online.

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The main principle of Pundi X: it is a decentralized principle of sales management, as well as the ability to use a "multicurrency" digital wallet to store crypto-coins and fiat money. According to the developers, the main intention of the platform and token work is effective assistance for investors, ICO developers and various exchange services. Also, the Pundi X project will be a convenient solution for "blockchain-companies". The sales network on the platform includes many smart devices – Pundi X POS.

To purchase a Pundi X token, you must have a special company card and recharge it.

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Capitalization of Pundi X

The cost of the NPXS token is about $ 0.004796. In recalculation to Bitcoin: 0,00000052BTC.

Level of token total capitalization: 272,701,997 Dollars. Speaking about the amount of average daily trading on the stock exchanges, the volume is about: 3,207,000 for 24 hours. You can buy NPXS token on such cryptocurrency exchanges as: IDEX, Coinrail, Coinbene, BancorNetwork

At the time of November 2018, 56,864,567,422 NPXS are in circulation.

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