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Electroneum: mobile cryptocurrency

Electroneum: currency for smartphones
Electroneum: currency for smartphones

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency created to capture online gaming and mobile markets. Cryptocurrency is optimized for use on mobile devices. There are more than 2.2 billion smartphone users in the world, so this idea is very relevant.


Work principles

ETN differs from hundreds of other cryptocurrencies in the international market. Due to its large volume (twenty-one billion), it has a “real opportunity” to get ahead of BTC and ETH. The ETN coin development team plans to offer customers a more affordable transaction amount, since it has a total stock of coins in excess of Bitcoin.

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Platform programs that have already been developed:

  • Application Based Wallet.
  • Mobile mining system based on mobile applications.
  • Autonomous Wallet.
  • Windows Wallet.
  • Windows Miner Software.
  • Mining Pool software.
  • Blockchain Explorer.
  • API Third Party Payment.

ETN coins rely on their own targeted blockchain, unlike many other cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum blockchain technology. Electroneum is based on Bitcoin source code. The developers associated with this project have already announced the release of numerous work products and platforms.

The advantages of investing in ETN coins:

  1. The transaction speed and security of this cryptocurrency is no worse than any other, such as BTC, Cardano, Stratis, Populous, Waves.
  2. ETN coins can be stored both in the "cloud" and in autonomous wallets.
  3. It can be easily obtained from a phone or any other device.

Traditional cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, require sophisticated software, settings for the development of graphics processors, and complex algorithms that send personal identification to the site, so the miners can use these coins. The entry barriers for most small investors are too great for traditional transactions.

ETN simplifies access even to novice investors and uses a secure cryptocurrency, which has all the advantages of traditional digital currencies such as SALT, TenX, MaidSafeCoin, Santiment, Siacoin, BitShares. Transactions made in Electroneum are made anonymously and quickly. ETN protects investor transaction history. It also protects the mobile wallet from prying eyes, leaving transaction hashes available to authenticate transactions from a technical point of view.


Difference ETN from other coins

ETN is the ease of accessibility and use of cryptocurrency. It will open up a huge unexplored market of more than 2.2 billion smartphone users worldwide.

The creators of this digital currency have launched an application that will allow users all over the world to easily manage their online funds by receiving and sending payments with the convenience of scanning a QR code.

Users without any technical knowledge or powerful graphics processors will be able to use their cryptocurrency provided by the ETN mobile application.


ETN mining

Almost all cryptocurrencies require specialized GPU towers or ASIC installations. But ETN mining is different.

Users can use Electroneum on their smartphone from mobile apps. The same mobile app allows users to keep their electron balance and perform various transactions. This mobile application allows the user to easily get a crypt-coin.

Mobile wallet and autonomous wallet are offered by Electroneum for storage and trading. Currently only the Android version is available, which can be downloaded by users from Google Play. The wallet of this cryptocurrency is easily manageable on all Android smartphones.

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Currently, this cryptocurrency can only be purchased on the Cryptopia exchange platform. Investors must register on this exchange platform, after that they need to deposit BTC, USDT or LTC, etc. into their account in order to start trading. ETN can be exchanged using cryptocurrencies entered into your account.

Recently, HitBTC announced that it will soon make a list of mobile cryptocurrencies for Electrooneum on its exchange platform. This is big news for this cryptocurrency, the purpose of which is to achieve mass adoption in the real world. The integration of this cryptocurrency is expected, as well as the fact that it will soon appear on this exchange platform.


ETN vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies all over the world, but in some aspects,  it lacks security. Anyone can view confidential data about user transactions in a Bitcoin blockchain.

No one has access to the transaction history of users other than them on Electroneum. This cryptocurrency still leaves public hashes that can be used to validate user transactions.

ETN coins will be processed faster than Bitcoin. In addition, there will be no transaction fees for sending this cryptocurrency. Users will be able to perform micro-transactions with ETN.

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