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Holo Token (HOT) – an unconventional solution for storing information

Holo Principles
Holo Principles

Holo cryptocurrency is a digital token of the Holochain platform, which uses the Ethereum blockchain as a basis and therefore its tokens (HOT) are based on the ERC20 protocol. Holochain platform provides the ability to store and distribute data.

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The Holo network is part of the Holochain ecosystem, which consists of nodes and users who, in turn, can place their data (applications) on the network and get paid for it.


Work principles

Holo crypto-coin is part of the Holochain virtual ecosystem. The basic principle of operation of the token and platform: network management, which consists of information nodes and active users. The Holochain network is an opportunity to place authoring, unique applications on the platform when buying tokens, and to receive money for it. The most popular use of this token and platform is the BitTorrent project.

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Holochain platform, as well as most similar platforms, works according to the Ethereum protocol. That is, Holo tokens are written using the ERC20 Etherium protocol. Accordingly, they can be stored in MyEtherWallet, ImToken, Mist, or MetaMask wallets. Token marker on the crypto exchange – HOT.

Holochain platform is unusual and has a lot of differences. Instead of the usual PoS and PoW technologies, it uses an algorithm called DHT (Distributed Hash Table). The use of the new algorithm allows Holochain to work at the highest level of scalability.

Holo (HOT) token and Holochain platform can be used in:

  1. The design and planning of supply chains;
  2. To work with social networks;
  3. Effective work with peer-to-peer applications (platforms);
  4. For authoring personal and collaborative applications.


Holo (HOT) Capitalization

At the time of November 20, 2018, when the entire cryptocurrency market suffered a significant decline, the price for one HOT token is 0.000579 USD, or 0.00000013 BTC. The overall level of the market capitalization of the coin is 77,108,901 USD or the equivalent of digital gold 17,180 BTC.

The total number of coins that are currently available for use: 177,619,433,541 HOT. Speaking about the trading volume of the Holo token, it is about 4,434,383 USD or 988.01 BTC.

According to experts, it is expected that by the end of 2018 the Holo (HOT) token will rise in price to one cent per coin. Now, you can buy cryptocurrency on the Radar Relay or Hotbit online-stock exchanges.

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