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Litecoin is a promising digital currency

The promise of the digital currency of Litecoin
The promise of the digital currency of Litecoin

Total of electronic currency grows every day and already long ago exceeded number of officially recognised international monetary units. As we know, the first, so and the most authoritative virtual currency it is Bitcoin.

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Work principles

As opposed to Bitcoin, one block is generated each two with a half of the minute, instead of ten minutes, as it takes place in Bitcoin Blockchain. The blocks chain is verified any of the miners with the aid of special software supporting software of all users of the network. Due to open code, fraud at execution of money operations is excluded.



According to the latest data in the first quarter of 2018 Litecoin falls confidently in top-10 of cryptocurrencies on the level of the capital engagement and aspires to become alternative to the most known and popular platform called Bitcoin. As well as many contemporaries, Litecoin functions, as system online payments. Litecoin inside currency is used for transactions instead of traditional monetary resources.

By analogy with Bitcoin, Litecoin's issue procedure is named “mining” or, if to say easier, - production of the currency. All it is planned to extract 84 million Litecoins , to be exact - to generate during tracking of transactions of Litecoin network.

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One more important advantage of Litecoin is its value for long-term investments. Sweeping development of currency platforms and stock exchanges promoted growth of popularity of the cryptocurrency among large investment companies. Exactly this fact raised appreciably image of digital money and various sort of operations based on Blokchain. Litecoin System  is arranged in order maximally to lower inflation risks and to make a digital currency promising as profitable asset.

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Cryptocurrencies in Germany: financial geography

Cryptocurrencies in Germany are becoming increasingly popular. In March last year, the German Ministry of Finance recognized Bitcoin and other Altcoins as “official means of payment”. Since then, the popularity of Bitcoin and crypto payments has increased several times.

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Financial geography. Cryptocurrencies in Sweden

Sweden, a northern European country, as well as neighboring Denmark, became a haven for cryptocurrency. The country has the lowest utilization rate of paper money, and therefore it was incredibly easy to accept digital assets for residents of Sweden.