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Universal opportunities of Stellar Lumens

Stellar Lumens and its versatility
Stellar Lumens and its versatility

In simple words, Stellar Lumens is nothing more than a distributed payment infrastructure with a public primary code. In search of software solutions for the global financial system, developers are increasingly looking at the Blockchain technology. A decentralized network called Stellar Lumens (or simply Stellar) is designed to perform fast and secure transactions using a protocol like Ripple.


Work principles

Unlike the more popular platform called Ripple, which focuses on banking systems, Stellar meets the needs of legal entities and individuals performing transactions among themselves without intermediaries. In real life, the Stellar infrastructure operates as a PayPal payment system, only much faster and without commission fees. Using Stellar for currency conversion, your funds are accumulated in the network block, and when the transaction is confirmed, the transfer operation is successfully completed. This scheme of work significantly speeds up financial transactions, what many Internet users are already interested in.

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Another interesting proposal from the developers of Stellar, of course, is a convenient service for barter of fiat money and cryptocurrencies. This happens in three stages, the first of which uses the domestic currency of Lumens as a bargaining chip. The whole process of currency exchange is so simple and convenient that, according to many experts, it is based on Stellar that such operations will be carried out around the world.



Stellar Lumens are represented on all major cryptographic exchanges, where it can be identified by the short name STR or XLM. At the beginning of its journey, XLM was estimated at only a couple of hundredths of a dollar, but already in 2018, its value is about $ 0.5, and the market capitalization exceeds $ 8 billion. Store coins best on the hardware wallet, which is on the official website of the project.

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Summing up, I want to note the flexibility of Stellar's network services for ordinary users. In addition, this platform has an extremely high reserve in the field of processing peer-to-peer transactions on a global scale. The universal capabilities of Stellar Lumens allow investors to count on the rapid growth of the platform and services associated with the exchange and transfer of cryptocurrency.

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