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Dash, as alternative to other cryptocurrencies

Alternative of Dash
Alternative of Dash

Creation of Dash cryptocurrency is closely connected with the desire of the developers to solve the main problems that exist in the Bitcoin network - achieving full confidentiality of payments, managing the Blockchain network and increasing the transaction speed.


Work principles

Since its debut in 2014, Dash has been able to rise to the top 10 of the world's cryptocurrency level, thanks to the introduction of a number of enhancements to platforms such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. The basis of Dash is the digital currency, allowing transactions on the innovative two-tier structure of the Blockchain.

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Processing of transactions and the mixing of foreign exchange assets is due to the capacity of the servers. Also, it is worth noting that the speed of creating the block is 2.5 minutes. In this case, the own X11 hashing algorithm requires a re-operation.

To date, there is an InstantSend option in the Dash chain, which allows instant transfers of currency units through network files. In this case, the built-in function of mixing the PrivateSend coins promotes the anonymity of operations between network users.



With the advent of the Dash platform on the market, the convenience of using digital assets has increased noticeably. On the initial path of its formation, Dash did not have a very good reputation, it can be judged based on the names that this cryptocurrency received. The change of names from XCoin to Darkcoin resulted in the final conversion to Dash.

Despite the democratic approach to the issue of network decentralization, Dash enables users to vote for decisions on platform development issues. The large activity of users of Dash Blockchain has led to increased reliability and security of transactions. At the first level of network operation, the miners are provided with a standard mechanism for confirming transactions, for which they receive not 100%, but 45% of the reward.

The remaining 55% receive large holders of currency, known as masternodes. The remaining 10% goes to the development of infrastructure and marketing deductions. Get the Mashternode Dash title can only those users who have at least one thousand DASH.

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All the advantages described above allowed Dash to increase its capitalization to five billion dollars and become a good alternative to the rest of the cryptocurrency.

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