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Nextcoin: basic features of project

Basic features of Nextcoin
Basic features of Nextcoin

A project  Nxt behaves to the decentralized systems. A modern technical process Blockchain 2.0 is inculcated in their core. The shell of this platform possesses whole beside functions, where for performance of transactions it is used cryptocurrency. As opposed to most Altcoins, borrowing initial code Bitcoin, network Nxt received own code written on the language Java. Besides its own popular chain of blocks, Nxt offers to take advantage of a licence set for development of private platform under specific objectives.



The number of the most required decentralised functions: exchange by the assets and files, cryptocurrency  issue, voting for projects, cloud server and transactions confidentiality.
The first that can process Nxt it assets and their exchange with the aid of  peer-to-peer network. Besides it, the same platform enables to issue cryptocurrency and to trade her on its chain of the blocks.

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To buy or sell the Nxt  digital asset  it is possible on one of large internet stock exchanges Bittrex or Poloniex. To reserve coins it is recommended on Ledger Wallet or on native site. As many cryptocurrency, Nxt considerably increased volume of capitalization at the end of 2017. But to date the level of investments fell up to mark 180 million dollars.

Now Nxt it is a not bad service for sale and purchase of digital products without intermediaries and high collections commissions. Due to encryption network can be used as safe messengare for users' message transfer. To useful options they treat: both opportunity of voting for acknowledgement of transactions, and the system of mixing of coins for supplying of anonymity of exchange transactions.


Work principles

Project Nxt has a long work history, indeed for the first time fund raising to development of the network was in 2013. By developers it was manufactured 1 billion tokens. Thay were divided by seventy three of the physical person who invested to network. In the consequence, by means of remunerations the main part of the currency for development of the platform was assigned.  Controlling Company Nxt has shell in its asset called Ardor, which was created for scalableness problem solving block chain networks.

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The platform Nxt competes with such giants of cloud storage of the information as Google and Dropbox. For safe storage of documents it is possible to use Nxt and for it is enough to have just 1 Nxt.

Cryptocurrency Nxt was one of the first on the market, where instead of the proof of work of the blocks chain, the proof of determined part of the blocks chain is used. The main competitor for Nxt it is platform NEM, on which there are similar annexes for work of the network.

As Nxt was possible throughout long time to render decentralised servicess for its users this network proved its serviceability. To open all potential of this platform it is planned in 2018 when updating NXT 2.0 appears.

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