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World Mining: overview of the Cloud-Mining Service

Features of World Mining
Features of World Mining

World Mining is a cryptocurrency company that independently develops electronic currencies and provides its facilities for rent.

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About company

The company is engaged in BTC and LTC mining on the power of about 68PH/s. Initially, the platform was engaged in mining cryptocurrencies exclusively for themselves. After that, for the advancement and development, a new system was launched, and customers had the opportunity to rent power and computing equipment.

World Mining officially operates from February 16, 2017 in the UK.


Work principles

At this stage of development, five servers with an average equipment capacity of 139 PH/s are rented. The service works on four algorithms: SHA256, X11, Dagger-Hashimoto, Scrypt, providing the opportunity to mine Bitcoins and other alternative cryptocurrencies. The minimum rental period is 9 months, the maximum is a year.

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Work with the site is simple and accessible – multi-language interface, profitability calculator, launching the site on any devices. Registration is possible through Facebook. Then users get access to their own account.

The first installment is at least $ 15. And the promised return on investment is 3-4 months. Payments are made twice a week – on Monday and Thursday.

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