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IQMining: overview of the Cloud-Mining Service

Intelligent cloud computing service IQMining
Intelligent cloud computing service IQMining

IQMining is an intelligent cloud computing service. This direction has recently become very popular and in demand.


About company

IQMining was launched in the winter of 2016, by IT engineers and a team of experts. Creating such a company is very important for miners in our time. The bottom line is that it allows you to invest in computing power that is used for mining currencies.

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The system is automated, which allows the equipment to independently choose the most profitable currencies. And after that they are converted to BTC on the exchange. This method allows you to guarantee the most favorable rates. The scheme is such that from the invested $ 500 you will receive every day for $ 100. And the more you invest, the more you earn. A calculator on the official website will help you calculate the average monthly payments.


Work principles

Getting started with the site is very simple. It can be in Spanish, French English and Russian. Then you will need to complete the registration: fill in the form, indicate the name, email and mobile number in it. Then you will get access to your personal account, which contains information about your balance, current capacity and the ability to purchase more. Also, you must pay the contract.

The minimum installment is 0.001 BTC. This can be done using a cryptocurrency or credit card.

Tariffs on the company's website:

  • SHA-256 (Bitcoin) – 10 Gh\s for 1 USD;
  • Ethash (Ethereum) – 100 Kh\s for 2 USD;
  • SCRYPT (Litecoin) – 1 Mh\s for 3 USD;
  • X11 (Dash) – 1 Mh\s for 3 USD;
  • Equihash (ZCash) – 1 H\s for 2 USD;

Calculations of the calculator on the official IQMining page show that it is most profitable to invest in the extraction of BTC and LTC. Ethereum and ZCash will not pay you back even for a year. So, do not waste time. A Dash coin and does lead you to a loss. It is possible that the situation will change soon, since the rate of cryptocurrency is very unstable.

Interesting in the section: IQMining: overview of the Cloud-Mining Service

Obviously, among such a rush in cloud-mining, unfortunately, there are scam-companies - many promises, and the result is zero, only a loss. No one can guarantee you 100% reliability. That is why, it is worth cooperating only with proven experienced companies, and not to be led by offers of dubious servers. As for IQMining, it’s still quite a young site and it’s too early to talk about its reliability and honesty. But its start is promising.

Editor: Yuliya Soroka

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