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AlienCloud: overview of the Cloud-Mining Service

AlienCloud – current cloud service for Mining
AlienCloud – current cloud service for Mining

AlienCloud is a popular modern service for cloud mining (cloud-hashing). In addition, AlienCloud offers its users profitable rates for cloud-hashing, on the platform you can still find a currency exchange and exchange platform for the implementation of crypto-coins. AlienCloud also provides its customers with personal electronic wallets for storing cryptocurrency.

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About company

AlienCloud service for cloud mining appeared in the middle of 2017. But thanks to favorable conditions and an expanded user support program, quickly gained world popularity among the miners. Advantageous proposals for a minimum deposit tariff played an important role – the company offers 0.02 BTC. Speaking about the minimum level of payments, it is also quite good compared to other services of such an intention – 0,01BTC. Several interface languages ​​are available: Chinese, Russian and English.

Official website of the mining service: https://aliencloud.xyz/


Work principles

The level of potential return is from 38% for one year. But with customer feedback, often the total amount of income exceeds the specified percentage. At the same time, there were no gaffes, frauds and incorrect behavior on the part of AlienCloud service employees – all payments are timely and in full. Commission fees are fixed and charged for each day of cooperation – the main part of the commission is the funds to compensate for energy costs and maintenance of computing power. Depending on the chosen tariff and the cryptocurrency, the amount of the commission varies. More details on this can be found on the official website of AlienCloud.

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Registration on the AlienCloud service is not complicated, and, in principle, does not differ much from the registration process on a regular website. The information that you need to enter to create a personal cabinet and further work with AlienCloud: the current email address, user login, password. If you use other services on the platform or cooperate with an affiliate program – you can count on a discount during the first installment for the equipment. At the moment, the discount is 20% of the price of the chosen tariff, to obtain it at the time of registration, you need to enter the affiliate code.

To continue working with the service, you must select the most suitable tariff plan and pay for it. Considering the price policy of AlienCloud, one can say about its adequacy. The minimum amount for rent will be 2.5 dollars, and the maximum – 35 dollars. The hashing -service supports work with many cryptocurrencies, but only the most popular (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, etc.) can be mined now.

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