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Livecoin: exchange description

Crypto-exchange marketplace LiveCoin
Crypto-exchange marketplace LiveCoin

The crypto-currency market over the past two years is experiencing an unprecedented recovery. Many modern traders have long moved from stock exchange sites to online counterparts. Moreover, the crypto-exchange rate, unlike the stock exchange, can grow to 20% in just one day. This is incredibly profitable, especially in comparison with the securities market, where such a paradigm of volatility is not found even in two years.

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Among the most popular exchanges in the territory of the CIS countries, LiveCoin often meets. In this article, let's talk about: what is LiveCoin, how to work with this exchange and how to create an account on the LiveCoin.net website.



LiveCoin is a crypto-exchange marketplace, which for the past year has entered the TOP-40 of the most popular and reliable exchanges in the world. The LiveCoin platform is mostly used by crypto-traders of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Although the site offers its users a whole eight interface languages.

The platform began its work in 2014, but the first transaction was made only in 2015. Until then, the exchange was tested and conducted a focus group of users to develop the most convenient version of the interface. Of course, it turned out – the LiveCoin website is accessible for understanding even on an intuitive level.

LiveCoin has become such a popular platform thanks to favorable offers regarding commission contracts. So, for example, a crypto-trader who overcame a trade turnover barrier for one thousand dollars for a month will pay a commission of only 0.16 percent. Further on the increasing, the more money the user sold on the exchange, the less the level of commission payments. The lowest level of payment for transactions will be for those whose turnover is above two million dollars – 0.02%. The highest amount, if it was sold less than a thousand dollars for one calendar month – 0.18%.

Of course, this trick with the commission began to attract not just ordinary beginners of crypto-traders, but professionals who work with large monetary assets. Thanks to the cleverly folded commissioning paradigm, the daily trading volume on LiveCoin for 2018 is more than twenty five million dollars.

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Also, the number of currency pairs proposed for exchange seems very attractive. In addition to the popular Bitcoin, almost 280 species of altcoins can be exchanged here, which is a very good indicator. Since, more pairs can only be found on the YoBit exchange.


Trader account

In order to create a personal office on LiveCoin, you need to perform an algorithm of simple actions. In principle, the registration process is so simple that it does not fundamentally differ from registration on an ordinary website.

The algorithm for creating an account on LiveCoin:

  1. First you need to enter the official site of the exchange site. The address of the LiveCoin exchange is httpshttps://www.livecoin.net/ru
  2. Then you need to fill in the registration fields. Specify the name under which you want to participate in the auction, and also come up with an original password. Regarding the password, the exchange offers to make keys not less than twelve characters, at the same time, it must contain both letters and numbers.
  3. Specify the address of the active mailbox. It is recommended to use Google's mail, since emails go there much faster.
  4. Confirm that the user is not a robot – select the checkbox.
  5. Confirm the account through the active link, which will come immediately after filling in the fields, in the mail in the form of a letter.
  6. To come up with an original pin code for future transaction confirmation. Separately about the pin-code: it's better to write for yourself, because if you forget, then you can restore the pin-code only for a fee of 0.01 Bitcoin.
  7. Verify the user. Specify personal documentary data: number and series of passport, and also send photos of the first page of the passport. Verification is necessary for free work, not only with crypto-coins, but also with fiat means.
  8. Enter the money (you can both the fiat and cryptocurrency), and place an order to start trading.


As you can already see, the registration is very simple and reliable at the same time. The additional verification process is not only a guarantee of security for the exchange, but also for the user, so do not be afraid. All entries are confidential and not subject to disclosure.

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