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Exmo – a brief overview of the crypto-exchange and personal cabinet

Cryptocurrency exchange EXMO
Cryptocurrency exchange EXMO

If you believe the statistics, the development of the cryptocurrency market has increased several tens times only in the last two years. Today, virtual coins have become not only a financial unit, but also a peculiar element of popular culture. Along with virtual money, a period of active development and online exchanges for their implementation began: the concept of trading "migrated" from stock markets of securities to the Internet space.

At the moment, the number of existing cryptocurrency exchanges can be measured in thousands. Although, among such a variety of "newborn" sites for bidding, fraud businesses are often found, or exchanges with weak protection, which can be robbed by hackers.

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Most traders with experience prefer time-tested crypto-exchanges: it's safer, and the number of other active traders to work with orders is much larger. Among TOP  exchanges for the implementation of cryptocurrency EXMO can be found.

In this article, let's talk about: what is the EXMO online exchange, why it became popular, what are the features of working with the exchange and registration on it.



As you know, the domain name of Exmo.com was first registered in the middle of 2003, but the following ten years the activity was not observed. Only in the winter of 2013 the stock market started to function fully in the market of cryptocoins, and in a fairly short period reached a decent level.

The main priority of this exchange crypto -monetary platform is fast and simple registration, as well as the possibility of exchanging crypto-assets for fiat money - this attracted an overwhelming number of users. In this case, you can change not only the usual Dollar or Euro, but also to the Ruble and the Hryvnia. This fact made the EXMO exchange unusually popular in Russia and Ukraine.

The main office of the EXMO is located in the UK, but as you know, they hire employees from all over the world (at least such information is listed on their official website). Traders "dubbed" this exchange, as Russian, because a large proportion of users are from different parts of this country.

The main tool for traders is the popular chart called Japanese candles. The user can get acquainted with the information on the volatility of the cryptocurrency for four time periods: day, current week, last month, and maximum - one calendar year. The total number of users of the exchange in the year 2018 crossed the line of one million. Although the number of daily trades in the EHEMO is far from being the first. Depending on the period of statistics, the indicator ranges from the tenth to the twentieth place in the world, which, in principle, is also not bad.

In early 2018, the exchange pleased its customers by launching margin trades, which significantly increased its popularity, and helped attract a small percentage of European traders.


How to create an account for work

To start interacting with the EXMO trading crypto platform, you do not have to exert much effort and time. Registration will not take more than five minutes.

To create a Wallet and a personal cabinet on EXMO you need to perform a simple algorithm of actions:

  1. Login to the official website of the EXMO Stock Exchange – https://exmo.com/
  2. Start registration on the trading floor.
  3. Enter the name under which the user would like to conduct the auction (no more than twelve characters).
  4. Indicate the current address of the personal electronic mailbox.
  5. Specify the password for entering the personal online-cabinet, invented by the user. It is desirable to choose a complex password, so that the electronic wallet is not hacked.
  6. Confirm the password.

After completing this short questionnaire, you will receive a letter with a code to your e-mail. This is the key for verification of the client at EXMO. To continue working with the EXMO exchange you need to click on the code. At this registration is over, and you can start working with the input of cryptocurrency or fiat money to create orders and realize financial assets.

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For those users who are going to work with large amounts and want to additionally protect the wallet from burglaries, it is recommended to pass a separate verification. To start verification, you need to enter the personal office of EXMO, on the right, from the top, find your nickname, click on it and select "Account Verification" in the drop-down list. Additional verification involves the introduction of personal data documentation such as the number and series of the passport, a scanned copy of the passport (necessarily colored). Requirements for photography, document scanning are listed on the verification page.


Digit and data

(data for June 2018).

  • The average daily trading volume from the beginning of 2018 – about 7,000 BTC (the maximum achieved number of 39,000 BTC)
  • Number of pairs for exchange – 48 (considering the fiat)
  • Number of currencies used on the exchange – 19
  • Number of registered users – 1 300 000
  • Daily Activity – from 150 000 to 190 000 people
  • Average indicator of active traders – 38 000
  • Commission for the withdrawal of assets from the crypto-exchange - ВТС: 0,0005%; ЕТС: 0,01%; DASH: 0,01%; LTS: 0,01
  • Commission for the implementation of the transaction – 0,2%

Commission for the introduction or withdrawal of fiat cash is different depending on the payment system used by the client. More information can be found on the site.


Interface, menu, rubrics – start of use

The interface of the EHMO cryptocurrency exchange market is incredibly simple and accessible to every user even on an intuitive level. After registration, the following menu items are available for each client:

  1. Bidding – the stock exchange, where you can get acquainted with the schedule of volatility, accessible cryptocurrency pairs of exchange, and make an order for the implementation of a particular coin.
  2. Exchange – a template for drawing up an order on behalf of the user on the request for the sale of the currency.
  3. Wallet – consists of the names of possible for the input and output of currencies, the number of coins, as well as a pointer, how many coins at this stage are included in the trading orders. To replenish the wallet or withdraw funds is very simple – opposite each currency (on the right) there are buttons "full", "withdraw".

At the bottom of the page there are informative sections with news, as well as terms of exchange, trading, descriptions of additional opportunities. At the top of the interface page is the direction to the support service, as well as data on which you can contact the consultants.

Editor: Yuliya Soroka

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