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Using Bitcoin cryptocurrency for global charity

Global charity with BitGive
Global charity with BitGive

In a competitive environment, charity is not easy. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations are registered in the United States. To successfully exist, they need to fight to be “heard” by society.

When people think about cryptocurrency, they usually don’t think about charity – donations are not often considered. But new technologies have created many opportunities to do good. It remains only to use them.


Charity with BitGive

BitGive – the use of Bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies for revolutionary global charity.

Founded in 2013, BitGive is the first nonprofit Bitcoin organization to give it federal tax exemption status in the United States. The organization’s headquarters are located in Auckland, California.

BitGive has created a positive charitable organization for the Bitcoin and blockchain industry, bridging the gap between innovative technology and its practical application for non-profit and humanitarian work in developing countries.


History of charitable assistance

Over its 5 years of operation, BitGive has helped many needy institutions, such as: healthcare, education, the environment, human rights, poverty alleviation and economic development.

Early BitGive projects

  • Save the children: Typhoon Haiyan Philippines, Stop Ebola Campaign Children's Charitable Foundation.
  • Medic Mobile: The Nepalese team is now armed with more than 640 cell phones to strengthen health systems after the earthquake.
  • Fundación Parlas IAP: support for abandoned mentally restricted in Mexico.
  • TECHO: building houses in Brazilian communities
  • Team Rubicon: assisting victims of a tornado in the southeastern United States.


Partners and sponsors of BitGive

BitGive has established strong partnerships and raised funds for such well-known non-profit organizations as: "Save the Children", "The Water Project," "Medic Mobile" and many others.

In 2015, BitGive announced its idea to create Bitcoin Charity 2.0, which includes a number of projects aimed at using Bitcoin and blockchain technology for charitable organizations around the world.

The sponsors of the BitGive organization are: KncMiner, Bitcoin Development Fund, BitPay, Zlatin Balevsky, Jeff Garzik, Roger Ver, Eugene Jong, Allison Coleman Payne, Harris Guy Barrett II, Matthew Roszak of Tally Capital, Xapo, LibraTax, Brook and William Mullers.


GiveTrack, organization's revolutionary platform

“Our lead project, GiveTrack, is a revolutionary donation platform for nonprofits that provides transparency and accountability to donors by exchanging financial information and direct project results in real time.” -– BitGive team.

The platform was launched in December 2018. GiveTrack is the latest version of its Bitcoin donation platform, designed to increase the transparency of the donation process, allowing donors to keep track of donations that are of particular importance and value.

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BitGive Executive Director Connie Gallippi said:

“This technology provides an opportunity not only to raise funds globally without borders, but also to move funds around the world much faster and cheaper than traditional methods, while providing a transparent way for the public to raise funds, thereby increasing accountability. With all these benefits, nonprofits can do much more faster and with greater transparency for their donors and the public.”

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