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Crypto Mining "Farms"

Mining farms as a way to quick money
Mining farms as a way to quick money

In the world of modern technology, probably, there are no more people who would not have known about the existence of cryptocurrency decentralized coins. Many of us have heard that this is a good way for quick online earning. You can earn on crypto-coins in two ways: first – trading (playing on online exchanges, that is buying and selling cryptocurrency); the second – is mining (obtaining coins with the help of computing power of video cards or ASICs).

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In this article let's talk about mining, namely about the equipment necessary for this process, the rules of its selection, care, assembly and cooling. And, also, we will understand the algorithm of actions for the future owner of the mining-"farm".


ASIC for Mining – what it is and how it works?

A Mining-"farm" is a certain number of video cards (or special ASICs devices) connected to the power supply unit, and with the installed Mining program, which are constantly engaged in integrated calculations to find the number below the Target-mark. This, in turn, allows you to add a new transaction block to the blockchain and receive a reward in the form of a cryptocurrency.

The reader is certainly familiar with what a video card is. And with the concept of ASIC, few people were involved in everyday life. ASIC – a specialized technical computer scheme for integral target-number calculations. This scheme is mono-specific, that is, it can be programmed solely for one kind of algorithmic calculus. Therefore, it is possible to mine only one specific cryptocurrency in Asics. Most often they are customized for Bitcoin mining, as this is the most "ancient", proven by the course and time, the cryptocurrency (as it is often called – digital gold).

Asics are much more profitable than video cards, since they have a higher rate of H/s (hashes per second – Is a measure of the number of calculations per second). If you look at modern ASIC farms, the hash rate average is from 250 k H/s. Of course, it is necessary to consider the voltage of the electricity network necessary for the operation of such a powerful computer, and it is quite large. For one ASIC, an average of at least 500V is required, which can often be a great blow to the pocket of the miner. After all, for effective operation of the "farm" you will need more than one such device. Although, as practice has shown, well-chosen "ASIC" pays off less than a year and can significantly bring the miner into a financial "plus".

Those who plan to start mine with the help of ASIC, you need to understand that this technique is loud enough and has a huge heat emission. If you do not want to live in an eternal buzz under a hot fan, it is better to prepare a special room for "ASIC Farm" in advance and equip it with a good cooling system. After all, some devices during the numerical activity can increase the temperature to 100-150 degrees Celsius. Also, in the room for mining it is better to make additional soundproofing – after all, the technician will work, day and night, and this has every chance to spoil life with a constant sound background (even your neighbors).


Mining-"Farms" with a video card assembly

"Farms" from Video cards are quite a popular solution. But if, in the case of ASIC, you can manage one, then for a full-fledged "farm" from video cards you will have to purchase at least six. Even the most powerful video card does not match the specially adapted ASIC. The fact is that video cards are polyfunctional. This has its pros and cons. Video cards will mine more slowly and not so effectively. But, if Asics except for calculating algorithmic equations can do nothing else, then video cards can be used for other purposes. For example, if a business with a mining "farm" is not specified, you can sell video cards to gamers, but you cannot do it with ASIC.

Farms from video cards can be assembled independently, and you can buy immediately assembled. Depending on how much you understand the technique and how much you have free time, you can choose any option. Today, to buy all the necessary parts for the "farm" is not a problem, they can be purchased, as in stationary shops, and in online mode, or used at the relevant trading platforms. There is also a popular service – Turnkey Farm. What does it mean? If you want to mine some specific cryptocurrency with the greatest possible profit and understand your own possibilities for its servicing, you can contact people who, for a fee, will select all necessary equipment, rack, cooling systems, etc. for you.

The most popular for the "farms" video cards are the Nvidia and AMD trademarks. Having a home-based mining "farm", in which there are six or more video cards, you need to prepare for very large bills for electricity. This "Frankenstein" will use at least 1500V. In order, to reduce waste on electricity, you can connect special systems, for example, "Power limit". Of course, this will significantly reduce the amount for the communal, but the price of such devices is not low.


Algorithm for working with mining-"farms"

  • Step 1. Select the necessary video cards. At present, the optimal amount for effective and paid back mining, it is accepted to buy from six video cards for one "farm". You can choose video cards on your own, and you can order a "turnkey" farm or buy a fully staffed. You can use ASIC if you know what specific cryptocurrency you are going to mine. The computing volume of technology for the mining "farm" of the most famous crypto-coins should be at least 6 GB.
  • Step 2. Then, to provide the "farm" with energy, you need to find a suitable power supply. The average level of electricity consumption for a mining "farm" will be from 1.5 kV, so if you intend to use a conventional one, you will need two. To save space – you can use a special unit, which is designed for high performance and large volumes – server power supply.
  • Step 3. Video cards and power supply must be placed on a special supporting rack and be provided with constant cooling. It is desirable to use for the farm a separate room (balcony or small room). You need to connect the placed video cards to the power supply.
  • Step 4. When the farm is assembled, mining programs are put on it, which can be found in low-cost access (and even free of charge) on the Internet. For quick installation and working with the Mining program, it is recommended to pre-install the software for the Windows system. Most programs for mining, as well as wallets (for saving crypto-coins) are designed specifically for this security, which can be bad news for Linux enthusiasts.

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After carrying out all the manipulations, the "farm" is ready to work and obtain cryptocurrency coins! In order, to make the work more efficient, you can use recommendations for servicing and maintaining the operability of machinery.

For those who still would not venture to put the farm at home and provide it, you can start using leased equipment and special data centers. This is possible today due to the existence of Cloud Hashing.

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