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Status: uniqueness of the project

The uniqueness of the Status project
The uniqueness of the Status project

A crypto platform called Status was developed as an application for working on portable devices in a decentralized Ethereum network. The shell of this operating system resembles a functional browser, thanks to which you can easily become a member of all known infrastructure Ethereum. The client program is part of Ethereum, so users of the network at any time will be able to access dapps applications directly from their smartphone.


Work principles

Status changes the state of affairs and opens new opportunities for popularization of social networks for individual use. Launching the SNT tokens on the market, Status made the participants the full owners of the project. Each Status user can vote for the development of the platform, while the network itself is absolutely free and open to all comers. You can sign all your actions on the network using SNT coins. Also, on the platform, there is user identification using the SECP256k1 public key. By reserving a certain name or an account, you can get an appropriate icon (tick) which indicates the reliability of the owner of this address.

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Currently, the Status application is available as software on the Android and iOS platforms. The use of open source code gives a number of advantages of Status in the use of the social network. First of all, we are talking about monitoring the state of the network and the content that is distributed through the blockchain. Voting of network users directly depends on the amount of cryptocurrency, thus the decision on this or that operation is taken only when determining the consensus.



It is the arrival of large blockchain platforms on mobile devices that will allow the cryptocurrency to become a world monetary unit. The main goal of Status is the development of new types of social networks and the creation of modern platforms aimed at users and their interests. To date, most Internet networks are working to make profit for the owners of these resources and advertisers who try to saturate the entire network with their advertising content.

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Owners of traditional social networks make an emphasis on preserving and multiplying the audience of the network. To do this, they develop various areas and business superstructures, attracting advertisers. As a result, users do not always have the opportunity to participate in the development of the network and monitor the processes associated with new content.

On the basis of Status, a fairly wide range of transaction functions has been implemented, including exchange and money transfers, application creation, and content implementation by type of Apple App Store and its Google Play counterpart.

In January 2018, the market released updated Alpha 0.9.13 software, which supports offline operation of the network and the ERC-20 marker. The most convenient place for saving SNT can be considered popular wallets MyEtherWallet and MetaMask.


The Status infrastructure is interesting not only for unique users, but also for large investors who can take part in the project and get a high profit in the popularization of the network all over the world.

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