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Tron: features and prospects

Features of the TRON payment unit
Features of the TRON payment unit

In the modern world, the concept of "cryptocurrency" has more than one practical and theoretical etymology, its perception has grown to unprecedented proportions. Today you can find cryptographic assets of various forms and principles of work. One of the popular crypto-coins of our time is Tronix. This coin over the past few years has won respect in many traders and has become in demand at world exchange trades.

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In this article, let's talk about what Tronix (-Pover and -20) is, what functional it has, where and by whom it was developed, what level of capitalization of this currency, and consider the main characteristics of this crypto-coin.



Included in the TOP-20 in terms of capitalization level, Tronix (TRX) is formally considered to be the payment unit of the decentralized ecosystem of the TRON system. This cryptocurrency was created on September 2, 2017 by a non-profit association from China – TRON Foundation (Singapore) to conduct barter transactions with gaming content using the network Blockchain technology. The main activity of this fund is the improvement of existing entertainment industries without the participation of such Internet dealers as the Apple Store and its main competitor Google Play Store.

Tronix is ​​a cryptocurrency unit with open source programming. Emission consists in rewarding the creators of content for its distribution.

Official website of the company: https://tronlab.com

A bit of history: the full-fledged founders of the platform, as well as tokens are considered British of Chinese origin, Sir Tim Berners Lee and Justin Sun. The latter, by the way, is credited with a lot of scientific merit, as well as innovative ideas in the field of marketing and IT. Although the founders of the platform live in Britain, the lion's share of investors and the official location of the company are in China. Therefore, one cannot doubt the popularity of Tron in Asia.

On the TRON platform, several types of cryptocurrency are used: Tronix, Bitcoin, Ether and Qtum. But the basic one is the Tronix's own token. In addition to Tronix at the end of 2017, two more platform tokens were released, which differ in their narrower intentions and a clearer purpose:

  1. TronPover is a separate type of token that allows its owner to participate in the voting regarding the development of the platform (Ethereum standard - "ERC20", like Tronix).
  2. Tron20 – a token that is necessary for all application developers. It provides the opportunity to develop and run games inside the platform, and thanks to it every developer could issue their own tokens (own "tron20" standard).

In terms of popularity and demand in the market, Tron is often compared to Alibaba с, as both have similar principles and strategies for commercial work. Also, this is due to the fact that in 2018, one of the creators of the Throne, Justin Sun, made public information about the transition of some employees of Alibaba to the Throne platform.


Work principles

Due to the distributed process of saving files, TRON provides an opportunity for content developers to do without trading platforms and receive monetary compensation directly from consumers. Based on the TRON system, you can create your own ICO with the function of distributing digital assets, or a developed infrastructure for file sharing. According to the developers of TRON: their project is long-term and includes several phases that will come to their logical conclusion only by 2023:

  • Level 1 – the organization of a free network for distribution and storage of content;
  • Level 2 – the implementation of financial incentives as a reward in the development of content;
  • Level 3 – preparation for personal ICO capabilities;
  • Level 4 – release by manufacturers of a digital product of special TRON 20 tokens;
  • Levels 5 and 6 are the completion of the decentralized gaming industry.

The main goal for the existence of the decentralized TRON protocol is the creation of a free network for games and entertainment around the world. The network was based on a distributed registry (it is a "distributed storage"), and thanks to a unique algorithm -– every registered user can store, publish and forward information data. At the same time, it is possible to share and use any entertaining information, games and gambling without intermediaries and "third parties".

For distributors of information, a decent and honest payment is provided, which will directly depend on the popularity of applications launched on the Throne. Payment can occur, from the audience, and from the very TRON platform. Settlement units can be several cryptocurrencies, but in priority, of course, Tronix.

In the beginning of 2018 the platform launched Mainnet Tron20. As reported by the developers, its own standard is needed for the platform to start working independently of the Ethereum. At the same time, with a large increase in the speed (up to 1000 transactions per second) and with a lower level of commissions (0, 0000001 dollars).



At this level, the TRON project is more ambitious than ever and is promoting the implantation of many Blockchain technologies, which until now are considered research. As of the first quarter of 2018, the Tronix configuration is at the first stage of its journey. Soon, the rapid development of the ecosystem is expected, then it will be possible to use the internal TRX currency for transactions when buying content. Ultimately, the TRON technology will be based on the binding to IPFS and the popular Ethereum platform. Today TRON is already perfectly supported by the best Chinese programmers and can be traded on large cryptocurrency exchanges. Thanks to the huge prospects in the field of organizing the entire multimedia space of the Internet, this project has positive feedback among large business structures.

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If we are talking about TRON coins, it is necessary to know that in total it is planned to issue one hundred billion TRX. You can save Tronix on ordinary virtual wallets, and trade directly on the Internet platforms for buying/selling currency.


  1. Total capitalization – 2,819,972,849 US dollars.
  2. 15th place in the world rating for the height of the level of capitalization.
  3. Included in the TOP-30 most demanded and popular cryptocurrencies.
  4. The maximum jump in the rate (February, 2018) – 0.278 Dollars (USA).
  5. 70% of Tronix sold at Binance.

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