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Prospects for growth OmiseGO

OmiseGO, as a universal platform for exchange
OmiseGO, as a universal platform for exchange

Omise Organization debuted in 2013 and, above all, was engaged in servicing the cash transactions of customers from countries in the Asian region. The structure of this venture company includes a platform under the OmiseGO brand, thanks to decentralized management, it belongs to all network users and owners of OMG tokens. Like many cryptocurrencies, OmiseGO has combined a number of functions related to smart-contracts, exchange and money transfers of cryptocurrencies.

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Work principles

The OmiseGO blockchain is tied to the PoS transaction confirmation algorithm and has coins with the ERC-20 marker. The main goal of the OmiseGO project is the creation of a universal model of a decentralized bank, which will have the necessary infrastructure for conducting safe and lightning operations with currency. Also, on the basis of OmiseGO, options for intellectual contracts based on Ethereum code materialized.

Classic SWIFT payment instruments use a centralized platform and are controlled exclusively unilaterally. The OmiseGO network destroys the monopoly on remittances from banks and provides users with a full range of financial services. OMG wallets develop the direction of network transactions in real time on the block chain, using the SDK software. This function primarily ensures the coding of financial services, making possible secure Internet payments of large trading platforms. Completely reveals the potential of banking operations a special mobile application, which can be used by any owner of OmiseGO tokens.

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The OmiseGO system supports payment gateways, credit and virtual cards, payment for goods and services in the present-day mode. Another direction in the development of the platform developers see its compatibility with the Ethereum software functionality and access to this ecosystem through a decentralized chain of blocks. When carrying out transactions, the reward in the form of tokens is distributed among the participants of the network according to the model of coordination of actions.



To date, in cooperation with OmiseGO not only famous Asian corporations are interested, but also the American company McDonald's. In the first quarter of 2018, capital investments in OmiseGO are almost two billion dollars.


Thanks to the assistance of the leading developers of Blockchain platforms, OmiseGO has gained wide popularity on large crypto-exchange exchanges and is characterized by good growth prospects.

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