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Qash as a liquid digital asset

Liquid digital asset QASH
Liquid digital asset QASH

A virtual currency called QASH is used as a liquid digital asset on the QUOINE LIQUID site. The creation of a new coin is closely connected with the need to solve the problems of investors that appear when making transfers between different types of currency. To date, cryptocurrency assets are not liquid for several reasons, so developers of blockchain platforms are constantly working to expand the functionality of Internet networks.


Work principles

The exchange of cryptocurrency is one of the most popular ways of earning ordinary users. It was for them to develop a LIQUID network, the main task of which is to collect data and form a pool of digital currency for the exchange of coins with the least loss of liquidity. The QUOINE LIQUID shell is built on two positions - it's a global registry and a prime broker. The global register includes all orders from network participants, regardless of the location of the trader, thereby increasing the benefits of the exchange. Also, the user is not limited in the choice of currency and the possibility of using fiat money.

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The global registry operates on three main structures: a computer, a cross-currency converter, and a router. Many will be interested to know that the processing power of the QUOINE LIQUID network allows you to process more than a million operations per second. The flexibility of the platform solves the problem of scalability, due to which the speed of the network is much higher than that of competitors. Transformation of cross-currency is so effective that this process occurs without delays in time.

The information coming from exchanges is controlled by the SOR technical process and executes requests for exchange even without the use of the register. Another function, called a prime broker, ensures the rapid transfer of digital assets, without having to open new accounts. Also, you can open access to the loan using the balance of the coins in your wallet.



QASH cryptoactive is a token with a popular ERC-20 marker. Since the release of ICO, developers have distributed one billion coins among a community of investors, users and shareholders. In 2019, the appearance of its own chain of blocks is planned, on which QASH will operate.

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The QUOINE LIQUID network can boast not only its innovative technologies, but also its official status in Japan, where it received accreditation from the Japanese financial services operator. The company of the same name is active in various sectors of the economy, which allows it to commit more than 12 billion transactions per year.

The largest turnover of QASH trades occurs on the Huobi platform, but you can also buy coins on QUOINEX or any major exchange. The most popular purse for ERC-20 cryptocurrency is the online purse MyEtherWallet. As a more secure option, we would recommend the Ledger Nano S software store.


The creators of the platform carefully thought out the plan for the development of their network and this shows the stability of the company in the market of blockchain technologies. Without any doubt, QUOINE LIQUID is very ambitious, therefore, in the event of a large investment, it can become one of the most successful projects this year.

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