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Nebulas: Convenience and transparency

Search engine Nebulas
Search engine Nebulas

A cryptographic platform called Nebulas demonstrates a modern decentralized shell that operates on the principle of a search engine that includes a clever smart-contract with an increasing resource gradient. Organizing the search for DApps applications, intellectual contracts and various block assets is the main function of the Nebulas network. Many analysts of the crypto-exchange society refer to Nebulas as the second Google, which is not entirely correct, since Nebulas uses blockchain technology to analyze and profit from the displayed data.

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Work principles

The official Nebulas slogan states that the new shell should provide users with a convenient and transparent mechanism for working with digital assets. The platform uses NAS tokens with the ERC-20 marker, but very soon the project will launch its own chain of Nebulas blocks. The Nebulas work is built on three main technical processes: an open source Nebulas Rank algorithm for determining the rank based on user assets, distributed Nebulas Force applications that create a chain of blocks and a remuneration protocol for DIP developers.



In the network turnover, there are 100 million NAS coins that can be bought and sold on the Huobi and EtherDelta trading platforms. In the first quarter of 2018, investments in the same cryptocurrency are $ 200 million, which allows the network to be included in the top 60 of the largest digital assets in the world. After the start of sales of tokens in June 2017, 30% of the coins were bought, a little later it was possible to realize another 5%. Also, it is worth noting that 20% of the currency was reserved for the platform founders, and the remaining 45% was spent on the development and operational management of the network.

Initially Nebulas had an ERC-20 marker, it could be stored in one of the corresponding purses – MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. But, since the network is going to move away from this marker and switch to its own token, it is necessary to wait for the platform update and follow the official information about the storage of coins.

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The main advantage of the Nebulas shell is a strong team of founders and developers who have teamed up to create a certain asset value and upgrade the blockchain technology. In the near future, the network's creators plan to solve the main problems that arise when working in decentralized systems and push the world economy to transition to the cryptocurrency and digital assets.

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