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Unique features of Substratum

Decentralized Platform Substratum
Decentralized Platform Substratum

The decentralized Substratum platform is intended for leasing computing devices of network participants as a server, as well as hosting services. Built on open source code, the shell allows Internet users to not depend on centralized web traffic providers and have unlimited access to various kinds of content.

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Work principles

The main goal of Substratum is to provide peer-to-peer Internet access for everyone without exception. The task is achieved through a chain of blocks through which you can transfer content and run programs. During the operation of the network, users' computers are synchronized with the blocks and thus act as mini-servers. Depending on the capacity that is required by hosts, tokens are paid on an individual basis. From the amount of contribution to the common cause depends the network bandwidth and the speed of operations.

It will be very easy to connect to the Substratum network, and then the protocol of work on the platform comes into play. Through the DNS domain query system, it connects to the nearest node, which in turn is compatible with popular browsers like Chrome and Safari. In addition to private users, Substratum is of interest to large businesses and corporations, because the capabilities of the network far outperform large servers. In addition, the platform features CryptoPay, which allows processing payments and content exchange using cryptocurrency.

Substratum blockchain provides security and privacy of hosting, blocking users with VPN. Using Substratum will significantly save on traffic, as traditional providers charge a fee regardless of whether you use the entire amount of traffic or only a part of it. But the most pleasant moment in working on the basis of the Substratum shell is the fragmentation of the IP address, resulting in encryption of your activity on the Internet, and no one can track what resources were visited and what content you were viewing.



Trade of the Substratum token takes place on such venues as Binance and KuCoin, which means recognition of this cryptocurrency as an investment asset with increased liquidity. Coins have an ERC-20 marker, which greatly simplifies the storage of this currency in the Ledger Nano and MyEtherWallet wallet.

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The developers of Substratum took care that this platform became convenient for the maximum number of participants. The appearance of a peer-to-peer Internet should solve a lot of problems that people face all over the world, therefore the digital asset with the same name has a positive growth dynamics for 2018, even despite the trend of a decline in other cryptocurrencies.

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