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Rchain: Project Perspectives

The benefits of the RChain project
The benefits of the RChain project

The decentralized platform called RChain was conceived with the goal of creating the best shell for working in the blockchain system. Solving the problems associated with scalability, fast transaction and security, led the developers to the idea of creating a RChain network. Unlike competitors, RChain allows you to perform more than fifty thousand operations per second. The add-in of the Speed-RChain blocks is a kind of accelerator for the processes of transaction confirmation.


Work principles

In addition to the traditional functionality, RChain offers its users tools for developing and implementing offers. RChain uses a chain of blocks with open source code and this makes it possible to create a RChain community, in which each member can influence the future of this platform. Another solution based on RChain was the emergence of trusts operating on the basis of decentralized and protected from external access blocks. Anyone wishing to become a part of the cooperative must pay a one-time membership fee of $ 20. By joining the trust, the user will have the right to participate in all processes occurring on the platform.

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Operation RChain uses the transaction negotiation protocol to create a chain of blocks. At the same time, the network architecture uses the Rou Virtual Machine Execution computing  power of the virtual character. Its goal is to achieve the maximum speed of operations and scalability of the blocks. With increasing load, an additional chain of blocks is started, which can work in parallel to each other.

Smart-contracts have been successfully implemented on the platform. They are written in the Rholang programming language, which implies the speed and versatility of their use. As we know, virtual records use public keys, but Rchain in its own way interprets the account addresses of users. Thus, smart -contracts that are in the same block can be distinguished for any part of the network.



In the RChain network, RHOC tokens are used to attract private investors' funds to launch a prospective ICO. You can store coins both in the MyEtherWallet purse, compatible with ERC-20, and on the hardware purse of The Ledger Nano S.

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RChain cryptocurrency solves the main problem with the scalability of the blocks, making it convenient to use a decentralized platform in money transfers. The rapid growth of capitalization led to the entry of RChain network into the ТОР-50 most common platforms in the world.


In 2018, the project has many interesting tasks, due to which it is expected to strengthen the RChain cryptocurrency, as an investment mechanism.

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