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Lisk: Course and Prospects

Prospects and course of Lisk
Prospects and course of Lisk

As we know, the inner shell of the most popular cryptocurrency under the name Bitcoin is written in the C ++ programming language, but this did not stop Lisk developers from looking for an alternative way to create a platform for working with decentralized DAPP applications. In the hope of making Blockchain services more accessible to the mass consumer, Lisk specialists used the JavaScript language, which allowed developers to get higher profits from their activities.

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Work principles

Ultimately, Lisk significantly accelerated and simplified the work of the platform for decentralized applications, which, in turn, facilitated the inflow of trained professionals working with JavaScript. At the beginning of its history, Lisk was called Crypti and was a platform for applications with public code. But already in 2016 the network was transformed into the existing infrastructure, where, as a payment instrument, a coin with the abbreviation LISK stands.

The development kit in Lisk (SDK) consists of 4 main components: the confirmation algorithm, Sidechain – an independent chain of blocks, Back-end – a custom cipher for the release of DAPP, Front-end – the interface for ordinary users. Ultimately, the network capacity is used to create and download applications.

As an example of Lisk's work, you can recall services such as fast registration, storage of media content in the cloud, the use of smart-contracts. Also, Lisk is a kind of directory of applications, such as iTunes or Google Play. In the process of setting up applications, the developer can set not only a unique name or icon, but also leave a link for download.



Unlike Ethereum, which requires knowledge of the special Solidity language, Lisk is much easier to manage, using "side chains" (cryptographic independent registers). As a result, users received an easily scalable and customizable network, in which the mechanism of transaction-based consensus operates. In the Lisk infrastructure, this technology is called mainchain, which allows you to benefit from each new use of the DAPP application.

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To date, the Lisk project attracted the attention of serious investment firms investing in the purchase of coins of the same name on stock exchanges. In addition, Microsoft Corporation in 2016 initiated a close cooperation with Lisk, using Blockchain functionality on the basis of this platform.


Many experts predict the cloudless future of the Lisk network, which should become the "killer" of Ethereum.

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