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Kyber Network, as a combination of several advantages

Advantages of the Kyber Network platform
Advantages of the Kyber Network platform

The Kyber Network cryptographic shell is a functional converter of virtual assets, which performs in its work a protocol based on the Ethereum platform.


Work principles

Offering exchange liquidity to participants in the network, Kyber performs the role of crypto-exchanges on a decentralized chain of blocks. Security and the huge speed of transactions are provided through exchange within the network, while the history of orders that have previously fallen into the register is deleted.

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In addition to the classical exchange of cryptocurrency, the Kyber Network platform makes payments in digital assets without binding to markers. You can pay for the goods in a specific currency using the tokens available to you. For this, it is not necessary to apply to the online exchange for currency exchange, because the Kyber network will automatically process this transaction. In Kyber Network network participants can both send and receive cryptocurrency and, depending on the role, the balance of liquidity of transactions is maintained. Thanks to the reserve dynamic pool, the platform prevents monopolization and makes currency exchange profitable for all interested parties.



The official Kyber Network Crystal token received the abbreviated abbreviation KNC. It is used by the network for operating activities and, subsequently, is withdrawn from circulation to prevent inflationary processes. The founders of the network initially produced 226 million KNC and about 60% of this number went to users. Ultimately, the total number of coins will decrease, creating an agiotage and imminent deflation. Proceeding from this, the price for cryptoactivity is expected to increase with the arrival of new investors.

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Одним из активных конкурентов сети Kyber является система 0x, которая отличается от первого тем, что хранит информацию о транзакциях в реестре. Торговать валютой с маркером KNC можно на интернет-ресурсе Binance. Хранить монеты рекомендуется в сервисе MyEtherWallet или программном портмоне Ledger Nano S. Кроме этого, на платформе организован свой собственный кошелёк под названием Ropsen Testnet.


According to many experts, Kyber Network is a very promising platform, combining a number of advantages over traditional Internet exchanges. The protocol used in the same network, provides a stable speed of operations and, at the same time, guarantees depositors the security of their assets.

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