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Komodo – an interesting solution for ordinary network users

Komodo: Anonymity and Security
Komodo: Anonymity and Security

The Komodo cryptoplatform is a very interesting solution for ordinary network users who want to launch their own ICO based on Blockchain technology. In addition to traditional opportunities associated with the issue of coins, Komodo allows you to make decentralized exchange of digital money and ensure a high level of anonymity of transactions.


Work principles

Komodo is not just another blockchain network, using its own token for transactions, it is primarily a huge infrastructure, built on the basis of four separate functional solutions. The Komodo ecosystem includes: a decentralized exchange BarterDEX, anonymity of operations with open source code Jumblr, deferred process confirmation (dPoW) and digital currencies (DFC), which can be exchanged for fiat money.

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The consensus algorithm dPoW is connected to the Bitcoin platform and is used as the initial block chain. Transactions pass securely, thanks to DFC technology, transactions between different virtual currencies are confirmed. To date, even the work of the European Central Bank is built on the application of DFC, as a reliable mechanism for the exchange of digital assets. The platform offers thirty-two versions of the classic currency for exchange on KMD tokens, so Komodo developers are optimistic about the future of this technology. The first project of electronic banking launched on the Komodo network was the Monaize network, competing with similar services in Ethereum.



As you already understood, the official token of the Komodo network is a coin with the abbreviation KMD. You can earn this cryptocurrency if you keep coins in your wallet for one year. The transfer of currency to another address is proof that you have had coins for more than a year. For this you can get 5% of the transfer amount. Remuneration for the storage of tokens will be terminated only by 2031, when there will be 200 million coins in use.

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Since the launch of the platform, more than a year has passed and since then the price for KMD has more than tripled. First of all, this is due to the perspective of the platform on which the decentralized ICOs are implemented. Buy or sell Komodo assets on major Internet exchanges Bittrex or Binance. Store coins preferably in the Agama wallet or in a purse with a private key (CLI). Also, for these purposes, the hardware store Ledger Nano S.

After the Komodo network hits the top 50 of the largest crypto platforms, many experts say that this system will continue to develop. High level of capitalization and investor confidence give grounds to trust networks and invest in projects launched on the basis of Komodo.

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