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Hshare – a new generation of cryptocurrency

Hshare and
Hshare and "multi-currency" of transactions

Hshare is a new generation of cryptographic platforms that create conditions for the multicurrency of your transactions. In addition, the network supports the transfer of information between different block chains and is used for conducting private transactions. The main feature of Hshare can be called quantum block encryption, which guarantees maximum protection against hacker attacks and loss of digital assets.


Work principles

Despite the fact that the developers of Hcash are unknown in the cryptocurrency world, the network quickly enough concentrated more than $ 250 million of primary investment. Due to what happened and why Hcash continues its expansion on the cryptocurrency market, it becomes clear after getting acquainted with the algorithms of this shell operation. As you know, the chains of Bitcoin and Etheririum blocks have different registers and can not interact in the same plane.

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The transfer of the value of assets and transactions between different platforms is the proprietary function of Hcash. Without the use of innovative technologies, users are constantly faced with additional fees and time lost when moving crypto assets from one network to another, but becoming participants in Hcash all these problems are in the past.

The work of Hcash is built on a side chain of blocks and digital currency DAG, which interact in parallel with each other. Thus, in Hcash can be found various coins for exchange and for sale. The confirmation algorithm used by the Hcash network includes an advanced cryptographic method of confidentiality of consensus that excludes any information about users.



Thanks to the quantum computing capabilities, the power required to decode information between the public and private keys is so great that 10 quintillions of years are required to break into the network. Thus, the developers of the network were reinsured and implemented platform protection against hacker attacks for many years in the front. The project management uses a hybrid scheme for proving PoW/PoS operations. To verify transactions, network power is required and as a result of computing operations, users receive a fee in the form of tokens.

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In the future, Hcash will use this system for voting, which, in turn, organizes the decentralized DAO platform.


To date, Hcash is criticized for the weak activity of users on various sites, and the management of this project does not announce the further development of the network. Hcash refers to a new generation of cryptocurrency, which is in the shadow of the famous tokens that seized the market a couple of years ago.

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