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Ethos and the democratization of digital money

Ethos Cryptocurrency wallet of new generation
Ethos Cryptocurrency wallet of new generation

The project, called Ethos, combines a universal purse for the savings of cryptocurrencies and the exchange of digital assets for classical fiat currencies. Thus, network users have received convenient and safe functionality for managing, buying and selling virtual currency. The debut of the ICO  took place in 2017, after which the project became more popular with each passing day and by the beginning of 2018 there was a maximum increase in the cost of the ETHOS token. At the moment the network works in beta version, which, however, does not prevent it from providing its users with the necessary functionality.


Work principles

The Ethos network emphasizes the need to use one universal purse, with which it would be possible to update the balance and analyze the entire flow of transactions. This purse is compatible with various types of cryptography and supports all known algorithms of decentralized platforms.

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The wallet from Ethos has one smart-key, which allows you to fully control access to digital assets. Authorization of the account becomes very simple and at the same time a reliable method of access to the cryptocurrency. In case of appearance of new types of coins, the wallet will be able to recognize them with a simple software update.

For VIP clients, Ethos offers an exclusive wallet called Premium Wallet. The settings of such a purse are convenient for money transfers to any kind of postal address. This scheme greatly simplifies the process of making a transaction, which does not require the coordination of the entire network.



The owners of Ethos paid much attention to the comfort of using the wallet. The intuitive interface and support for mobile applications for smartphones distinguish Ethos wallet from similar solutions on the market. Also, the network takes care of the liquidity of your assets, providing on its platform to exchange cryptocurrency using branded ETHOS coins.

The most important task of Ethos is to create a gateway between the digital world of currency and fiat money. Investors are constantly losing their profits because of problems with the exchange of cryptocurrency for classic money. The function of transferring tokens into fiat funds is going to be launched in the near future.

Another direction on the Ethos site will be the emergence of Crypto Investing Socia, a social network with a full set of content for studying investment models and the workflow of the technical process of blockchain. It is planned to launch monetization of active users, who will receive remuneration for expert analyzes of the cryptocurrency market.

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The ETHOS coin is used on the platform of the same name, as payment for API orders, which in turn will help the Stripe algorithm handle currency exchange operations. ETHOS has an Ethereum network marker, so you can store it on hardware wallets. The network does not have problems with scalability, which makes it attractive for new investments.


The ideas implemented on the Ethos platform have found application on various cryptographic systems – this is the key to the success of the project, which is one of the most promising this year.

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