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Electroneum: Features and Prospects

The uniqueness and prospects of Electroneum
The uniqueness and prospects of Electroneum

A platform called Electroneum is a unique service for buying cryptographic currency without having to leave personal data and link your account to bank accounts. Using the Electroneum network, users can acquire digital assets in a completely confidential manner, which makes currency transactions convenient for a huge number of people all over the world.

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Work principles

The Electroneum shell uses the ETN token, which allows anonymous transactions on the decentralized block chain. The network is built on the Monero basic code and has a number of functions that ensure the confidentiality of participants in transactions. The network's work on the creation of new blocks brings about 0.2 ETN in the form of commission fees. The production of this cryptocurrency is not based on powerful ASIC video cards, but on more fair CPUs.

Electroneum mining is configured for an acknowledgment algorithm that is closely related to device memory. Access to the network already exists on the basis of Android and iOS mobile control systems. Users can enter their wallet through the application, where, among other things, the function of creating an autonomous purse is pre-installed.



A feature of Electroneum is also mobile mining, which, using the processor of your device, connects the smartphone with the rest of the computers. Applying tricky marketing moves, founders try to attract the maximum number of users and it works all 100%. During its launch of the ICO, Electroneum was able to consolidate around forty million dollars of investment. To date, the company has been actively cooperating with the XIUS payment service and Fanfare, which uses ETN coins as rewards for participating in online games.

The greatest popularity of Electroneum was acquired by fans of virtual games, where it is necessary to pay for the execution of quests or for buying keys. Since few users can use bitcoin due to high fees, it is ETN that has become the main monetary unit of gamers from around the world.

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By analogy with bitcoin, the total number of ETN coins planned for release is 21 million units. You can buy the same cryptocurrency only on the Cryptopia Internet-exchange. Unfortunately, such giants as Bittrex and Binance do not yet offer this currency. Coin storage is organized in an online service with a custom purse.


For many novice investors, the Electroneum cryptoactive became the first digital currency, which can later be exchanged for fiat money. According to experts, the Electroneum platform has all chances to become one of the most popular payment networks in the world.

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