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DragonChain: Features and Prospects

Perspectives and Features of DragonChain
Perspectives and Features of DragonChain

The development of the DragonChain platform, which uses the technical process of the blockchain, was launched in 2014 with the launch of Private Blockchain, part of the world famous Disney brand. After the start of the network with an open source code in 2016, this project began its activities as a non-profit organization.

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The primary goal of DragonChain is to introduce a blockchain into business processes and thereby increase the efficiency of managing and servicing users and customers of its services. A feature of the network is the lack of a server for storing information, and the creation and implementation of  smart- contracts happens in the ecosystem using popular programming languages.


Work principles

The DragonChain shell (DRGN) contains three main components: a decentralized platform, a chain of blocks, and a registry. The first part of the network can be considered as a base in which information about smart- contracts and their owners is stored. Through the database you can connect to Amazon Web Services, where the function of renting cloud computing capacities is implemented. The combination of investors and users of DRGN is called an incubator.Project development processes are based on blockchain technology, so this function is necessary to start new systems. In the end, the transaction processing system is closed by the customer support system called Marketplace. All three components of the network are integrated into one ecosystem, which performs operations using the proprietary Dragon Coin token.

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Like many new platforms, DragonChain was developed taking into account the need to solve the problems that blockchain networks usually face. One of the important foundations of the system's work is security, therefore in DragonChain there are five levels of consensus for checking each block. Multilevel security in the network is ideal for creating a payment system, where fraud is most often encountered. Another direction in the work of DragonChain was the game industry with a long list of virtual goods.



DRGN Tokens are represented on almost all major Internet sites selling digital currency. Coins have an ERC-20 marker and this makes it possible to store them in the MyEtherWallet and Trezor wallets. Capitalization of DRGN is constantly increasing and at the time of writing the review exceeded the mark of one hundred million dollars. The DragonChain network is considered one of the most promising platforms in the TOP-100 most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

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