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The secret of the popularity of Dogecoin

Simplicity and success of Dogecoin
Simplicity and success of Dogecoin

Dogecoin is characterized by a playful approach of developers to the blockchain network, which is focused on case studies and payments in a peer-to-peer virtual currency similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin.


Work principles

The project under the comic name Dogecoin was founded in the distant 2013, when two experts in the field of Blockchain Technology developed an ICO with a logo in the form of a Japanese dog that could easily pass for the original meme. In open access, there are more than one hundred billion coins that are susceptible to strong volatility.

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The coin is saved using the proprietary MultiDoge wallet, which is configured directly on the project's home site after a simple registration. The Dogecoin community founded the non-profit charitable organization Dogecoin Foundation, whose main activity is collecting charity.



The Dogecoin community consists of about 100,000 Reddit subscribers who are not opposed to participating in a decentralized network that uses cryptocurrency with a transparent source code. Despite the seemingly frivolous attitude to the project, its inspirers came out to interest serious investors and increase capitalization to $ 500 million.

Interesting in the section: The secret of the popularity of Dogecoin

Buy or sell Dogecoin can be on any major exchange, including Poloniex and Bittrex. At the start of 2018, the capitalization of Dogecoin tokens is about 450 million dollars. And although Dogecoin is actively used as a payment mechanism, it can be used as a fairly profitable investment.


The user's attention to Dogecoin does not cease even five years after the start of the project, so the platform is a stable blockchain network and has all chances to get into the top 20 most successful currencies this year. In the cryptocurrency world, where all the issues are connected with the solution of the main shortcomings of Bitcoin, Dogecoin remains a very simple and understandable tool for conducting transactions and payments.

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