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Financial geography: cryptocurrencies reached the Vatican

Cryptocurrencies and the Vatican: financial geography
Cryptocurrencies and the Vatican: financial geography

Cryptocurrencies have already become a global achievement in the financial sector. The digital industry has spread to all capitals and world centers. Interestingly, even religious centers were no exception and also use Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

In this article, we will talk about how things are going with cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the world Catholic center, the Vatican. And also see if it is possible somewhere in the territory of the Catholic state to pay with Bitcoins and other currencies, let's talk whether churches and temples accept donations in digital money.


Papal Academy against Bitcoin

In November 2017, the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (PASS) made a presentation on how cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, are used in the slave trade, drug trade, as well as for money laundering and terrorist financing. The report was part of Pope Francis' program to eradicate slavery and the slave trade. The action was attended by church leaders led by Petro Parolina.

In addition, the report of the Pontifical Academy dealt with the state regulation of cryptocurrencies in order to avoid illegal transactions.


Christian cryptocurrency

In October 2017, a press release of the world's first Christian cryptocurrency, which was approved by the Vatican, was published. Christ Coin cryptocurrency of the Life Change mission company seeks to combine the church with its own currency, which works on the principle of Bitcoin and offers financial rewards for believers. According to the press release of the coin, cryptocurrency can be used for church donations, as well as for purchases and payments between Christians.

The second official name for the coin was Jesus Coin (JC). At the time of writing, the value of the asset was $0.000017. Jesus Coin cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization is in 1372 place.

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Vatican prayers on the blockchain

At the beginning of 2019, Pope Francis introduced the Click and Pray platform and application, the information of which is distributed using blockchain technology. The service consists of three types of facilities, including: "Prayer with the Pope", "Prayer for every day" and "Pray with the network". Access to the platform is available to absolutely everyone, and you can also download the application for iOS and Android.


Blockchain gaming platform for Christians

In 2018, the Vatican presented a gaming platform for believers. The app is called Follow JC Go. The blockchain platform has a gaming and educational purpose. The essence of the game: the search for saints on the map, informing the believer about the identity of the martyr (or saint) and his contribution to Christianity. Pope Francis personally became the first registered player.

According to a Christian platform press release, the principles of the game are in many ways similar to the previously popular Pokemon Go. Although instead of Pokemon you need to collect saints, holy fools, angels and other characters of the Christian church.

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